These days, there are countless CBD products on the market ranging from digestible capsules to hemp-infused balms for aching muscles.  Still, the most popular method of consumption by far is the oral tincture.  Tinctures that contain high doses of CBD continue to rise in popularity as more and more brands are putting their unique spin on this fairly simple formula.

With so many CBD oral tinctures to choose from nowadays, it’s important to decide ahead of time what it is that you want out of your hemp product.  One of the first decisions that you should make is whether or not you want your CBD tincture to be flavored.

Before we help you figure out whether or not it’s worth it to splurge on a flavored CBD tincture, we’re going to break down what a tincture is and how it works so that you understand why this type of product is so highly sought after.

What’s a CBD Oral Tincture?

A CBD oral tincture is a tincture that contains hemp extract.  It comes in a dropper bottle and is poured underneath the tongue.  Once it’s underneath the tongue, it slowly absorbs into the bloodstream through the thin tissue inside the mouth.  It’s meant to sit there for about one minute before it’s swallowed and digested.

Typically, it consists of hemp extract and a carrier oil that’s safe to ingest.  Popular carrier oils for CBD oral tinctures include MCT oil, coconut oil and olive oil.

What’re the Benefits of Taking CBD in the Form of an Oral Tincture?

There are several reasons why CBD oral tinctures have become so popular.  Most of their popularity has to do with the time it takes before the user feels its potential effects.  Because of the unique way in which it’s absorbed into the bloodstream, users can start enjoying hemp’s benefits within fifteen to thirty minutes of taking it.

Additionally, tinctures tend to stay in the system for a fairly long period of time, meaning that the user can very well feel CBD’s effects for up to six hours after taking a single dose.  This is great for those who deal with chronic issues such as general anxiety or chronic pain.  Instead of having to constantly take doses throughout the day, the user can simply take their tincture in the morning and again in the evening to enjoy sustained effects.

CBD tinctures also allow the user to control their dose with ease.  A single dropper’s worth of the formula counts as a single dose.  If the user wishes to increase their dose, they can simply take another dropper’s worth.  If they want to take less hemp, they can fill the dropper halfway.  

An additional benefit of purchasing a CBD oral tincture is that this product is actually multifunctional.  Because the tincture formula consists of pure hemp extract and a carrier oil, it can be used as a topical product as well.  If a person is dealing with localized pain or a skin issue, they can simply massage some of the tincture right into the affected area in an effort to experience relief.

Flavored vs. Unflavored CBD Oral Tinctures

As we said earlier, flavored CBD oral tinctures are becoming very popular.  These days, you can find just about any flavor under the sun.  So, is it worth it to purchase a flavored tincture over an unflavored one?

First, it’s important to understand that not all CBD products are created equally.  This means that some companies will use high-quality flavoring extracts while others will not.  It’s important to look at the ingredients used to flavor the tincture in order to determine whether or not you’re comfortable consuming them.  For instance, if a certain tincture contains a high amount of sugar and you’re trying to watch your weight, you may wish to avoid purchasing that tincture.

Generally, people who prefer flavored tinctures are those who don’t enjoy the natural taste of hemp.  This plant has a very earthy, herbal flavor that’s known to have notes of citrus, pine and sage.  There are many CBD enthusiasts who in fact enjoy tasting the natural flavor of hemp.  Plus, being able to taste the CBD can tell you whether or not the product is indeed high in quality.  However, if you prefer a flavor, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

What’s most important is that you choose a CBD product that’s made with the very best hemp and exceptional ingredients.  Whether it be a flavored tincture or an unflavored one, quality is really key. 

All About Preference

The world of CBD oral tinctures is full of unique, enticing flavors, but if you’re someone who prefers the natural taste of cannabis, unflavored is probably the way to go.