If you’re the owner of a CBD business, you know that the United States is full of possibilities in terms of exhibiting your products and learning about the very latest trends in cannabis.  As CBD becomes a more and more popular product, more conventions are popping up around the country in order to allow companies to show off their spectacular product lines.

However, the CBD market extends far beyond the United States.  If you want to really take your business to a whole new level, you have to consider exhibiting internationally.  Now, as you know, every country around the world has its own unique regulations regarding cannabis, meaning that it’s important that you adhere to the laws of the country in order to exhibit your products without risking getting in trouble.

One of the most CBD-friendly countries outside of the United States is Spain, so it’s no surprise that Barcelona is the home of many hemp conventions.  Besides, Barcelona is a beautiful place to visit.  So, we’re here to help you figure out how to exhibit your CBD products in this gorgeous city in order to make the most of your trip.

Why Exhibiting Internationally is Essential

The CBD market in the United States is growing at an incredible rate, meaning that it’s becoming increasingly competitive with every passing year.  Because of the recent changes in law regarding the cultivation and distribution of cannabis, it’s easier than ever before to develop a thriving CBD business.  Within the United States, you’ll find every type of hemp product imaginable.  However, CBD businesses in the United States are doing themselves a disservice if they don’t exhibit their products in other countries throughout the world.

While CBD is becoming extremely popular internationally, few countries have a market as massive as ours.  So, by visiting other countries with your products, you’ll be able to introduce your product line to a far less saturated market.

Additionally, hemp trends vary from country to country, meaning that traveling internationally for a hemp convention can help you develop new ideas.  It can also help you develop marketing strategies that appeal to non-American consumers, meaning that you’ll be able to expand your market like never before.

Exhibiting in Barcelona

So, what’s all the fuss about Barcelona?  Well, for one thing, Spain has been a little behind the times as CBD has become more and more popular in countries like the United States and England.  Due to a ban on cannabis products that has only recently been mostly lifted, Spain’s CBD market is much smaller than what we have here.  That means that as a CBD business owner, you have a great opportunity to make a strong impression on a country that’s hungry for a diverse collection of effective, high-quality hemp products.

In other words, demand is very high in Barcelona.  This particular city attracts a wide spectrum of demographics, meaning that it’s the perfect place to introduce hemp to the masses, so to speak.

And, luckily, CBD is one of those products that sells itself.  As more and more studies are performed demonstrating the strong possibility that this compound has incredible therapeutic benefits, the world is more and more eager to try it out for themselves.  When you exhibit in Barcelona, you’ll likely find that many people are already fairly knowledgeable about hemp’s potential benefits, meaning that you can just focus on demonstrating your unique line of products.

CBD Regulations in Spain

According to EU regulations, CBD products cannot contain more than 0.2 percent THC, which is slightly lower than what’s generally allowed within the United States, so keep that in mind.  And, just like most of the world, Spanish law prohibits the distribution of CBD products that come from the marijuana plant.  But, you’re probably already on top of that one.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Spain has strict laws regarding the labeling of CBD products.  So, when you exhibit, make sure that all of your products have clear lists of ingredients including percentages.

Tips for Exhibiting your CBD in Barcelona

These are some ways for how you can have success with your exhibit in Barcelona

Samples Go a Long Way

Remember that the CBD market is relatively new and small in Spain, so make sure that you provide attendees with lots of samples as many of your customers will have probably never tried the compound before.  Besides, samples help you sell more products while making it more likely that you’ll have repeat customers.  So, before you visit, make sure that you work with your packaging company to produce attractive samples that will catch the eye.  And, keep in mind that even your samples have to state the ingredients that were used.

Study Local Trends

To really develop an effective exhibition, stay on top of the ever-growing CBD trends in Spain.  Research which demographics are most interested in hemp and learn about which types of product sell the most, whether it be edibles, tinctures or topicals.

Aim to Learn

Remember that while you are there to exhibit your products, you’re also there to learn.  Check out what other CBD businesses are doing in order to sell their products to Spanish consumers.

There’s Room to Expand in Barcelona

The CBD market in Spain is far less competitive than the one in the United States, making Barcelona one of the very best places to visit with your product line these days.  Just remember that Spain has its own unique laws and regulations regarding CBD.  And, don’t forget to enjoy the scenery while you’re there!