If you’ve got a CBD business, you know the importance of presenting your business at conventions. The importance of attending conventions can’t be emphasized enough as they can help you get the word out about your products while helping you network and learn more about your industry so that you can take your business to the next level. And, as more CBD conventions continue to pop up all over the world, it’s never been easier to take part in the circuit.

But, if you’re going to present your business at a CBD convention, it’s absolutely imperative that your booth is impeccable in every sense of the word. After all, your booth will be competing with many others, and it’s crucial that yours stands out if you want to attract customers.

Why Presentation is So Important

People base first impressions off of what they see in front of them. If you want to make a good impression on a first date, you make every effort to tidy up your hair, wear appropriate clothes and wear a big smile. When it comes to your booth at a CBD convention, you should make the same efforts to ensure that it looks as spectacular as possible.

If your booth is messy, lacking in exciting visuals and generally disorganized, it’s not very likely that people will want to come visit. After all, there are a lot of booths at CBD conventions, and people only have so much time. So, by making your booth look as exciting and flawless as possible, you’re ensuring that more people will come to your booth than any other that’s at the convention.

Things to Pay Attention to When Setting Up Your Booth

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when planning your booth. Follow this guide to make sure that not a single element is overlooked during the planning stages.

How are the Products Organized?

When you’re running a booth at a CBD convention, your products are the star. Therefore, your products must be organized in the best way possible to attract customers. If your products are all over the place, customers will become confused and probably walk away.

Make sure that you put similar products together, and that you put the best-selling products front and center. Make sure that everything is neatly arranged. And, make sure that all the labels are facing in the same direction for a cohesive look.

How are the Products Packaged and Labelled?

Another thing to pay attention to is how your products are packaged and labelled. Many people visiting your booth will want to pick up each product and look at it thoroughly. Does the packaging have an aesthetic edge? And, are your products clearly labelled so that potential customers know exactly what they’re looking at? Lastly, are the products labelled according to current regulations on CBD products?

How Accessible are the Products?

Like we said, customers like to handle products. So, make sure that your products are easily accessible. Don’t stack them all in the back, and don’t just put one of each product out and leave the rest in boxes, because you’ll likely have multiple visitors who want to look at the same products at the same time.

Are there Samples?

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff? Samples are extremely helpful as they allow the customer to try out one of your fabulous products for themselves without having to pay any money. Try to create some really exceptional samples that are extremely accessible to anyone who walks up to your booth. If they like the sample, they’ll be far more likely to choose you as their CBD supplier.

Do You Have an Eye-Catching Sign?

You absolutely need a vibrant, eye-catching sign or banner. This is often the first thing that attendees see when they walk into a room, and you need yours to stand out. Make sure that your banner or sign is as high in quality as possible, and that it captures the essence of your brand. This is a place where you don’t want to spare any expense.

Do You Have a Technological Edge?

Many attendees want to see a technological element to your booth, such has an HD screen that plays a video about your CBD. Features like this can help give off the impression that your company is more sophisticated and successful than the rest.

Is the Booth Clean and Tidy?

No one wants to see a messy booth. While you’re running your booth, make sure that you keep it clean and neat the entire time that you’re there. Don’t leave garbage around, and after people pick up and put down products, reorganize them so that everything looks nice and tidy.

Do You Have Enough Staff?

Lastly, depending on the size of the convention, you may need to hire one or more staff members to help you out. If attendees see one person behind the booth who is swamped, they’re less likely to go check it out because they’ll feel that they won’t be given any attention.

Make Each CBD Convention You Attend Count from an Appearance Standpoint

CBD conventions can help you take your business to a whole new level of success, but you can only accomplish so much at a convention if your booth presentation is lacking. Follow these tips to make sure that your booth looks as perfect as possible. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.