Once you decide to enter the CBD convention circuit, there are a lot of things to carefully consider in order to put your best foot forward. Having an eye-catching booth, organizing your products properly and making sure that you’re up to date on the latest in CBD news can help you gain a new audience so that your products will sell more than ever before.

But, there’s one thing that many CBD business owners don’t consider before presenting at their first convention, and that’s how to deal with customers and attendees. We can’t stress enough the importance of knowing how to be friendly to attendees and give them the right amount of attention while also ensuring that one attendee isn’t stopping you from communicating with everyone else who is checking out your booth. Figuring out that balance is crucial, and we’re here to help.

Make Sure You’re Well-Staffed

First things first: Having the perfect amount of staff is imperative, and the only way you’ll know how many employees to bring along is by trial and error. By having the right number of people at your booth at one time, you’ll be able to ensure that each attendee gets their voice heard. If it’s just you, you’ll be solely responsible for answering every question from every single attendee who walks up to your booth. Besides the fact that it’s difficult to find the time to give attention to every single attendee, it can lead to burnout.

Each Customer’s Feelings, Questions and Concerns are Valid

While you’ve worked hard to become an expert on CBD, it’s important that you don’t allow your superior knowledge to cause you to come across as condescending when attendees ask you questions. Keep in mind that those attending the convention might not have spent a whole lot of time researching the cannabinoid, and they’re relying on you to give them answers. Even if the question seems silly to you, respect the attendee by giving them a thoughtful and thorough answer.

A Smile and a Nod Go a Long Way

Remember that your body language conveys a message regardless of the words that are coming out of your mouth. In order to make your booth’s visitors feel that you value them, pay attention to your gestures and overall body language. Smiling and nodding make visitors feel like you care about them and that you’re fully engaged in the conversation. Standing with your arms crossed and frowning will make them feel like you don’t care about them, which means that they’ll be far less likely to purchase CBD from you in the future.

Samples Can Help Move Things Along

If you want to minimize the amount of questions that visitors hurl at you, consider creating a broad range of samples to give out. Most often, customers will ask a lot of questions about a product because they want to make sure that it will meet their needs before they commit to spending money on it. By giving out free samples, they can test the product out for themselves before deciding if it’s worth their money.

Visuals Can Save You Time

Again, the key to making sure that you can give an equal amount of attention to every visitor is minimizing the amount of questions that they will ask, whether they are about CBD itself or your specific products. This is where visuals can come in handy. Make visuals that provide lots of information about what CBD is, how it works and why your products are unique. This way, visitors will be able to find the answers to many of their questions without having to take up too much of your time.

An “Excuse Me” Can Get the Point Across

We’ve all been in a situation where someone won’t stop asking us questions even though there’s clearly a long line forming behind them. In these moments, it can be hard to find the right way to explain to the potential customer that you need to end the conversation so that you can get to the next person. During these moments, remember that a simple “excuse me” can go a long way. Simply wait for a pause in the conversation and say “excuse me” before switching your attention to someone else. This allows you to gently and politely inform the visitor that you must focus on someone else now.

Being Prepared Ahead Can Allow You to Spend More Time with Customers

One thing that can ensure that you give as much attention to your customers as possible is doing as much preparation as possible before the convention actually begins. This means having a fully stocked booth that’s perfectly organized. This way, when the convention begins, all that you have to do is communicate with each potential customer rather than sifting through your products and setting up your visuals.

Make Eye Contact with Those Waiting for Your Attention

Lastly, if the line is a bit long, try to make eye contact with anyone who is waiting for your attention. This makes them feel noticed and gives these consumers the sense that you’ll be getting to them shortly.

Leaving Consumers with a Good Impression at Your Booth is Key

As you can see, there’s really an art to dividing up your attention so that everyone who checks out your booth feels like you care about them and want to help them have the most positive experience possible. This guide will help you find that balance. However, the truth is that finding that balance also comes from experience, and so the more conventions you present at, the better you’ll be at giving each potential customer the right amount of attention.