If you’re planning on presenting at a CBD convention, you’ve likely already planned out every aspect of the upcoming experience. You likely know what kind of sign you’d like to have made, how your products are going to be organized and what type of samples you’d like to give out.

Now, having an extremely clear and detailed vision of how your booth should look is very important, and it shows that you take your role as a CBD business owner seriously. However, sometimes, things change. Perhaps when the sun rises on the second day of the convention, you think that it’s time to make some adjustments to your booth.

So, is it okay to change some things about your booth in the middle of a convention? Let’s answer that question so that if you do feel inspired to adjust something, you’ll do it properly.

Are Changes Advisable During a CBD Convention?

Yes, it’s okay to make some changes to your booth during a CBD convention, but obviously, it’s more about which changes are being made. For instance, if you’re selling a lot of a specific product, a bad change would be hiding that product. Or, if attendees are really loving the fact that you have accessible samples, you don’t want to take that away.

But there are many times when changes must be made, and they can definitely help you sell more products. Besides, if the changes are subtle enough, most attendees won’t even notice anyway.

Why You May Make Certain Changes to Your Booth

Now, let’s talk about the reasons why you may want to make certain changes to your CBD booth.

Lectures are Being Given

Let’s say the convention has a schedule of lectures planned for the duration of the weekend, and these lectures are extremely popular. Now, let’s say that day one revolves more around CBD tinctures, while day two explores giving CBD to pets. It makes sense to make your tinctures more prominent on day one, and your pet products more prominent on day two. This allows customers to see your products while the benefits of said products are still fresh in their mind. This, needless to say, can lead to more sales.

You Have A Super Diverse Inventory

If you’re a CBD business with an extremely diverse inventory, you may want to rotate the display of inventory to highlight certain products at certain times. For instance, if your CBD skincare line is just as popular as your CBD gummies, it’s okay to switch out those displays so that one is more prominent than the other. Just make sure that you don’t hide any particularly popular products in the process.

You Want to Have a Rotating Display of Information

Maybe the change that you want to make involves displays that provide attendees with information about CBD. If you have some sort of video screen, for instance, you may want to show a different video on day two. This is because by the end of day one, most attendees will have seen that video at least once. This applies to educational posters as well. After all, there’s a whole lot of information out there on CBD, and your job is to educate attendees as thoroughly yet concisely as possible.

Customers Had Some Difficulty on Day One

A smart business owner will use day one of the convention to observe how attendees react to the booth. Do they have to reach over a lot of things to grab the most popular product? Are they struggling to read your sign? Are they having trouble seeing the displays?

Keeping notes on these things can help you better prepare for day two. With any business, there’s always room for improvement, and this applies to your booth just as much as your store. So, when you’re getting ready for day two, consider making changes that will make things easier for the attendees.

Your Gut is Telling You That Something Could be Better

Lastly, sometimes you have to listen to your gut. After all, it’s your gut instincts that got you this far as a CBD business owner, right? If you feel, for instance, that your products could be organized more efficiently, or that your sign isn’t located in a part of your booth that’s getting enough attention, make the changes necessary so that you feel more confident the next day. This will only help your business be more successful at the convention.

Use This Guide Before Adjusting Your Booth

At a CBD convention, what matters most is that you put your business’ best foot forward. Sometimes, that means making some changes on the second or third day. As you can see, there are plenty of good reasons why some changes may need to be made.