If you’re a CBD business owner who plans on exhibiting at conventions, you must get prepared way ahead of time so that when the time of the convention arrives, you’re more than ready to sell your products. One of the most important things that you can pay attention to is the labels that are on your products. Labels aren’t just about coming up with a clever design that will make your business stand out – if you don’t pay attention to every detail, you just might end up getting in trouble.

So, how does one properly label their CBD products in order to comply with guidelines and ensure that their products catch the attention of potential customers? Allow us to break down the key elements that you should take seriously.

Labeling Your CBD Products: Why Every Detail Matters

Look – we all know that the CBD market is a bit, well, flooded right now. Because this wellness product has become so popular, lots and lots of companies are being launched in an effort to get their piece of the CBD pie. This means that more than ever, you have to make sure that your standards are high as a CBD business owner.

The labels that you put on your products act as the first impressions to potential customers. They must be attractive, unique and informative if you want convention attendees to see you as a legitimate and innovative CBD brand.

Federal Guidelines

First and foremost, we need to address federal guidelines. While the CBD industry remains pretty unregulated, there still are certain rules that you must abide by when labeling your products. For one thing, you must clearly state the serving size, ingredients, net weight and count. You must also display the statement of identity, which is a basic description of what the product is. You may also have to state the nutritional info depending on what kind of CBD product it is.

Also, you’re not allowed to put specific medical claims on the label of a CBD product. This is because CBD as a medicine has not been approved yet by the FDA.

Adequate Information

Now, your potential customers are going to want specific information regarding the product. After all, they’re going to be likely using this product regularly, so they’re going to want to know exactly what they’re putting in or on their bodies. So, you must explicitly state whether your product contains CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD or full spectrum CBD. You must also explain how it is to be used. For instance, if it’s a tincture, you must give brief instructions regarding how it should be taken.

And, you may want to find a way to include some information that shows how unique your product is. Maybe your CBD product has a unique flavor to it that you know your customers will find irresistible. Or, maybe your CBD product has additional ingredients in it that are highly beneficial.


Of course, when it comes to creating a label for your CBD product, organization is everything. Labels are pretty small, and you have a good amount of content to fit on that little piece of paper. So, make sure that everything is organized properly so that customers don’t feel overwhelmed as soon as they lay their eyes on your product. Be smart with font sizes and the general layout of the label.


Humans are visual by nature. We form our impressions on people and objects based on how they look before we pay attention to anything else. Use this to your advantage by putting effort into creating highly attractive labels. We recommend first checking out what other CBD brands are doing and trying to decide how you can make yours look even more attractive. Having a bold and visually pleasing logo is essential and choosing a good color scheme is equally important. Other things worth paying attention to are the fonts that you use and the finish on the label – as in, whether you want it to be matte, glossy or textured.


Lastly, you want your CBD products to stand out. At a CBD convention, attendees can become fatigued after looking at so many products of a similar nature. So, throw them off-guard by creating labels that don’t look like any of the other ones. Again, we suggest looking at what other companies are doing with their label aesthetics, and then figuring out something that you can do that no one else has done.

What Not to Do When Creating Labels for Your CBD Products

Paying attention once again to detail will be key.

Don’t Skimp on Quality to Save a Buck

The visual elements of your products are so important that it’s crucial that you aim for quality. We understand that business owners need to cut corners sometimes in order to save money, but you really don’t want to skimp out on your labels. Cheap labels will give potential customers the impression that everything about your business is cheap, including the quality of the CBD.

Don’t Try the DIY Route if You’re Not Experienced

You might have a great vision of how you want your labels to look, but that doesn’t mean that you can do them yourself. Unless you’re an experienced graphic designer, we don’t recommend trying to make your own labels in an effort to save money. There’s a good chance that they won’t come out the way you want them, or that you’ll make a rookie mistake that will interfere with your ability to sell your product.

Labeling Truly Does Matter More Than Ever

If you want your CBD products to virtually sell themselves, it’s so important that you pay close attention to the labels that you create. Those labels need to supply customers with lots of information in a neat and organized way, and they must also comply with guidelines so that your products remain legal to sell. The next time you’re getting ready for a CBD convention, use this guide to ensure that you have the most thorough and attractive labels possible.