Are you planning to show off your products at a CBD convention? If so, there are some things that you need to do ahead of time to make sure that you can handle the volume of attendees during the exhibition while making sure that you’re capable of giving them all of your attention. When it comes to being a vendor, how you set up is extremely important. Being organized, prepared and ahead of the game is the key to having a successful booth.

It’s extremely important that you set up your display before the convention actually begins. If you don’t, you can lose a lot of potential customers. We know that displaying at a convention can feel a bit daunting, so we’ve made a checklist for you so that you can be completely prepared by the time that attendees are let into the space.

The Importance of Setting Up Early

The importance of setting up early can’t be understated. During a convention, anything can happen. Suddenly, there can be twenty people lined up at your booth who are competing for your attention. Or, your products can suddenly fly off the shelves before you even get a chance to find your bearings. This is why preparation is so essential. You want to feel in control and calm during the convention, as being frazzled and overwhelmed will show attendees that you’re a disorganized business owner. By having everything set up ahead of time, you’ll be able to ride that convention wave.

How to Set Up Early

Use these tips to make sure that you set up properly well ahead of the convention’s start time.

Leading Up to the Convention

What you should know and do before the start of the expo

Get Everything Printed Ahead of Time

Before you even travel to the convention’s location, make sure that you have everything ready to go well in advance. One key thing is getting everything printed at least a couple of weeks ahead of time. You need to have those labels and those signs done, after all. Waiting until the last minute is too much of a risk as printing errors can occur or a company can get backed up.

Make a Checklist

You should also take the time to make a thorough checklist of everything that you’ll need. This includes the amounts of products, signs, display shelves, literature about CBD and even extension cables should you be using some sort of electronic element.

Visualize Your Booth

It’s also very important to visualize every detail of your booth well in advance. This way, when it’s time to set up, you know exactly how everything should be displayed and organized.

The Day Before and Of the Convention

Last minute checking and planning.

Double-Check That You Have Everything

Before you even arrive at the convention center, thoroughly check to make sure that you have everything that you need. This is where that checklist you made earlier comes in handy. Go through it slowly, locating each component one at a time. After all, you don’t want to show up to the convention, only to have to turn around again because you forgot something essential. Time is precious in these environments, so use time to your best advantage.

Put Out as Many Products as Possible, and Keep Them Organized

You really never know how many products are going to be purchased during the convention. This is why we recommend setting up as many as possible. This way, even if products fly off the shelves within the first couple of hours, you never have to worry about having an empty booth, and having to stop what you’re doing to restock. And, of course, make sure that your products are neatly organized so that customers don’t feel overwhelmed.

Turn on Any Electronics

Many vendors require electricity, because they plan on displaying a video relating to CBD or they have certain lighting-related needs. If you’re going to be using electricity, make sure that it’s set up well in advance. We all know that technology has a tendency to fail from time to time, and the last thing that you want to happen is something not working seconds before attendees are going to be checking out your booth.

Hang Any Literature and Signage

Don’t forget that you need to have your booth looking appealing in time for attendees entering the hall. Get those signs hung, and display any other visual components. Do this as early as possible. This way, if you don’t like how something looks, you can change it before the convention begins.

Preparedness Really is Key

At a CBD convention, how prepared you are before the event starts can make or break your efforts to show off your fabulous products. This is why setting up early is crucial. Use this guide to make sure that you’re ready to go well ahead of the moment during which the attendees are allowed into the convention hall.