CBD might as well stand for “crazy buzz, Dude.” The chemical compound found in cannabis and hemp is everywhere these days, from products for athletes to beverages, and from hummus to the investment portfolio of the Church of England.

While some of these infusions are more warranted than others, one thing seems clear: people are very interested in CBD and its massive medical properties, ranging from pain relief, to treating the symptoms of epilepsy, to reducing anxiety, to helping with acne.

But how popular is CBD really? Is it just a thing of the media? Does CBD showing up at gas stations and shoe stores mean people are really that in it? Or is there some overbuilt hype?

To find out, I asked cannabisMD to share some stats out of its Knowledge Navigator, just to come up with a fun weekend read.

The Buzz Is Real!

According to cannabisMD’s data, CBD is among the most popular things on the Internet, only outranked by a few keywords like Christmas and Halloween right now.

Meanwhile, dozens of other very popular topics are lagging behind the buzzing chemical compound found in cannabis and hemp.

Let’s take a look at the findings. But before, a quick look at how the company arrived at these conclusions: cannabisMD, a non-advocacy educational platform, used its Knowledge Navigator, a backend tool used to survey consumer trends, to gauge the interest in CBD and THC on the Internet. Using data pulled from user searches across the web, including over 12,000 URLs, along with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the company arrived at the following conclusions (charted on a 2-year time period, pitting CBD against each subject below).


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