From the farmer who plants hemp seeds in rural Kentucky, to the metropolitan customer that purchases the finished product in the urban center of New York City, each component of the cannabis industry is well-represented across the landscape of this country. There is one common thread that holds it together- the passion of its participants for the plant they believe in. Throughout the United States, cannabis advocacy is something that unites people- a phenomenon that can be observed at USA CBD Expo.

The nation’s largest CBD event, USA CBD Expo, draws people from all corners of the world to a CBD and Hemp trade show, gathering the entire industry all in one location, to allow the easy spread of information among its attendees. Among this group are executives from the largest CBD companies in the world, powerful buyers, and consumers eager to try the latest and best products the industry has to offer.

The next USA CBD Expo event will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center. New to this edition is an exclusive career fair hosted by ForceBrands, the premier platform for finding jobs in the cannabis, beverage, beauty, and food industries. The event is designed to pair advocates with their dream job, and provide an easier path to a successful career in the industry they are passionate about. If you or someone you know is looking for a job in the cannabis industry, this is an opportunity one cannot afford to miss.

In recent years, the cannabis industry has undergone a period of rapid expansion, amassing billions of dollars in revenue growth and millions of new jobs. Today, with an increasing amount of progressive legislation, the private sector is taking cues from Washington and investing heavily in cannabis. There has never been a better time to be a part of this growing industry.

When: February 13-15, 2019 | Recruitment Session to be held Thursday, exact time TBD

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall S4 A-B, Las Vegas, NV

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