Author or Contributed By: Lindsey Horton

For anyone new or unfamiliar with CBD products, we know the amount of information surrounding CBD can be overwhelming. Determining which CBD products are the highest-quality, let alone figuring out how to use them to fit your needs is no small task.

This Holiday season, we’re here to provide a comprehensive guide on how to celebrate big with CBD!

Reduce Stress and Anxiety with CBD

Don’t miss out because you’re stressing out.

It’s safe to say that most individuals will experience increased stress and anxiety during the holidays. Heightened feelings of stress and anxiety make it difficult to engage with others and enjoy yourself at social events. A recent study showed CBD to be an effective option for treating social anxiety disorder (SAD), as well as many other applications for different types of anxiety.

Enhance your Food and Beverage Game with CBD

Explore the world of CBD edibles.

CBD products come in many different varieties, including edibles. Whether you approach food as medicine, or you simply want to spice up your holiday beverage, there are recipes galore! So, get adventurous, try something new by adding CBD to your holiday menu!

Give the Gift of CBD

CBD gift ideas for everyone on your list.

With a vast array of CBD products available there is sure to be something for everyone. Take a look at these Holiday Guides for the best CBD beauty products and CBD edibles if you need an idea for the perfect gift.

Elevate Your Party Favor Game

Surprise and impress your guests!

Be sure to wow your friends, family, and coworkers when you host your next holiday bash by including thoughtful CBD party favors. Go casual and cute with a small gift bag of CBD gummies or give your guests a spa-like experience with mini bottles of CBD lotion. With a wide variety of CBD products available, you’ll easily find one to fit your party theme and guestlist.

Self-Care with CBD

After the holidays, you’re gonna need it.

We know you’re bound to need some rest and relaxation come 2020. We’ve got you covered with some of ways to use CBD to relax and recover from the busiest time of year.

Pamper: After the not-so-healthy indulgences of the holidays, pamper yourself with Saint Jane’s Luxury Beauty Serum. Packed with 20 botanicals and 500mg of CBD, this serum is known to replenish your skin to its rosy glow.

Recover: If you indulged in too many libations or perhaps are dealing with pain, CBD is known to provide pain relief on many levels. Explore topical and edible methods best suited for your individual needs.