There has been a grey zone in the relationship between the FDA and the CBD industry since its beginnings. It’s of great importance to be on track with the most recent guidance of the agency that regulates the production and distribution of all cannabis derivatives, like CBD and any other hemp-related products.

FDA Guidance

Regarding cannabis policy, early in 2020, the White House reviewed the federal plans for marijuana and CBD research. The FDA submitted a cannabis guidance draft that was recently published, that will impact the CBD industry. For more information, “Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Compounds: Quality Considerations for Clinical Research”. Lawmakers and stakeholders have been putting a great deal of pressure on the FDA to develop a regulation that lets CBD products be marketed lawfully.

Will CBD products be considered dietary supplements by the FDA?

According to hemp industry specialists, recent regulations will not affect the CBD industry, but it’s not a sure fact that recommendations will become rules. One outstanding issue was that over the counter edibles will be addressed by the current regulations. The FDA has said that guidance represents its current thinking on topics relevant to scientific research and the development of drugs containing compounds derived from cannabis. Featured documents of FDA guidance on Hemp and CBD treat the process for ingestibles in the form of dietary supplements. But considering the current COVID-19 situation, guidance on ingestibles will be postponed for a while.

CBD at mid-2020

As of 2020, CBD products continue to sell in shops and stores all over the country, but without a precise regulation since technically, they can not sell as foods and dietary complements. The FDA has discretely targeted companies making unorthodox claims regarding CBD and hemp products.

The future of CBD

Some experts like Seattle Attorney and Angel Investor, Katrina Glogowsky, are not very optimistic. In a recent interview by John Kinkaid in his industry-related podcast Talking Hedge, she confirmed that there were no changes soon regarding FDA de-scheduling CBD and cannabis as Schedule-1 controlled substance. This means that nothing will be changed until July 2020, and everything continues on standby for the moment.

Recently in early 2020, the FDA was asking the public to submit opinions and comments on the use of CBD. We encourage our readers to participate in these polls actively and support the CBD and Hemp industry. USA CBD Expo strives to educate all parties involved in the CBD/hemp industry, if you’d like to learn more or participate please send us an email to sales@usacbdexpo.com or register for tickets here!