7 Best Ways to Take CBD

People take CBD oil for a myriad of reasons. Although we know that CBD has some anti-inflammatory and soothing properties and is associated with the medicinal part of marijuana, its effectiveness has only been verified for some epileptic-type attacks. The drug Epidolex is the only drug in the world that has federal approval in the US.

But people also take it to treat anxiety and insomnia, based on anecdotal reports of relief. Though there are no conclusive medical studies on CBD effects for these ailments, many people find it useful.

Every person tends to react differently to CBD products, and what works for someone may not work for other people. However, CBD’s versatility allows people to consume it in diverse forms, perfect for each person's needs.

For this reason, we compiled a list of the seven best ways to consume CBD that can suit anyone’s ailment.

Topical Products

Topical products are absorbed through the skin, like salts, lotions, or balms that offer a different bath experience hydrating your skin, soothing sore muscles, and giving an overall relaxing sensation. Other products, such as creams, can actually help with skin problems (such as eczema). 

While topicals aren’t the most optimal way to consume CBD since it takes a long time to hit and what manages to enter the body is minimal, it doesn't mean they’re ineffective. You can still get some of CBD’s effects if you don't want to ingest it orally.

Sublingual CBD Oils

A classic. Oils have been a staple of cannabis culture for a long time, so it's no surprise that they're among the most popular ways to take cannabidiol. CBD oil produced from hemp allows users to ingest the compound in the easiest way possible: placing a few oil droplets under their tongue. Consuming it this way makes it easier to keep track of dosage as well.  

It is also a faster and more effective way to feel CBD effects. Within minutes, the mucous membrane under the tongue absorbs the compound and introduces it into the bloodstream, perfect for quick absorption.

Be mindful though, some products may claim to be CBD oil, but they're sometimes something completely different. This situation will change, of course, as more regulation is created for this product.

CBD Edibles

One of the most popular ways to ingest CBD; edibles present many advantages over other consumption methods. They offer faster results since they're broken down by the digestive system and come in many convenient forms. 

Now, some edibles may suit you better, depending on what you need. CBD gummies, for example, are a great way to keep track of your dose since every gummy has an exact amount of the cannabinoid. Others, like brownies, may be harder to measure for an accurate dosage but are still a great and delicious option. 

CBD Vaping

Vaping became a popular choice for people looking to replace their cigarette habit, but it also gained popularity with cannabis consumers. It was only natural that CBD advocates turn their heads to vapes, with good reason since vapes have many benefits of smoking without inhaling burned material. Besides, dedicated CBD vape companies sell cartridges that come in many forms and with additional flavors. 

Vaping also comes with the benefit of faster absorption since inhaling the product is one of the quickest ways to introduce CBD into your body.

CBD Concentrates

Concentrates encompass various products known in the cannabis world, such as waxes, shatters, and dabs. They are expert-level products and can be quite overwhelming for a CBD newbie. Yet, once you grow accustomed, you’ll find that the effects of CBD dabs are stronger and, in some cases, more effective than other methods. Some users have even reported not being able to find relief in oils or tinctures, so they go for the dab, as it has more potency.

Since these products are basically CBD in its purest form, they don't come with the usual marijuana-aroma like oils, making them very versatile. You can add them to a cooking recipe or combine them with terpenes to get exciting aromas.

However, these concentrates are difficult to obtain since producing dabs requires unique paraphernalia—like a full dab rig, with specialized bongs and carb caps—ramping up the cost a little bit.

CBD Capsules

Medicinal cannabis is usually consumed through some type of capsule. There are several reasons: if it is a medicine, it must be measured to be effective, and tablets are an excellent way to have a standard. On the other hand, watching someone smoke hemp still gets bad press these days (something that’s changing), and since CBD is also prescribed to kids to treat epilepsy symptoms, it makes sense to take it as a capsule rather than another, more notorious way. Older adults may prefer them as well since they resemble medicine they are used to taking.

CBD Flowers

There is not much to add: you wrap it and smoke it, end of the story—the traditional way of consuming cannabis. If you want to avoid concentrates, the second-best way to get a more potent CBD dose is by burning the flower. When you inhale the smoke from the flower, you ensure that the CBD gets into your bloodstream via your lungs; you’ll feel the effects much faster, and, if you're not used to it, it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

If you choose to consume CBD this way, be wary of hemp and CBD's legal status in your state as smoking in public may carry some problems.

CBD is a choice

Something great about the CBD world is how varied it is. It's a product capable of welcoming every type of person. If you're looking into consuming CBD, consult your doctor first and think of your personal and specific needs to get the best experience possible.