Jared Mirsky - Speaker at USA CBD Expo 2019

Alex Buscher

Located in Denver, CO, USA

Company: Buscher Law LLC

Position: Founder

Speaking Topic: New Trends Materializing

Skills: Hemp Attorney

Alex Buscher’s Biography

Alex Buscher, Esq. is the founder and principal attorney at Buscher Law LLC, a firm focused on regulatory compliance, corporate law, licensing, contract drafting, food & drug law, and commercial transactions in the legal cannabis industry. Current clients include cannabis cultivators, processors, retailers, investors, and retail product manufacturers.

Alex was a featured panelist at the 2019 NoCo Hemp Expo and a featured speaker at YPO Summit 420, among various other speakingengagements. Buscher gained a wide array of regulatory, negotiation, and drafting experience through lobbying on cannabis patient and industry bills at the Colorado State Capitol, interning for a State Senator, and consulting with various industry and patient stakeholders. Additionally, Alex has extensive knowledge regarding the current state of nationwide cannabis regulation, as he previously helped launch the innovative cannabis brand Escape Artists, and co-authored a groundbreaking legal research paper regarding the interstate legality of cannabidiol (CBD). Alex continues to personally research the legality of cannabis, hemp, and CBDunder the statutes and regulations of all 50 states as they are everchanging.


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