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Andrew Bish

Located in Giltner, NE USA

Company: Hemp Harvest Works - Bish Entperises

Position: CEO - COO

Speaking Topic: Hemp Harvesting Equipment

Skills: Equipment Manufacturing

Andrew Bish’s Biography

Andrew Bish is the COO of Bish Enterprises and the founder of Hemp Harvest Works. Exiting the retail management industry after 14 years, he rejoined the family business in 2012 and transitioned into the agriculture industry.  Since 2015, he has been focusing on identifying and resolving the many issues currently facing hemp harvesting and processing. His goal is to provide equipment that helps standardize hemp farming practices while allowing growers to increase their scale of operation and decrease costs.

2015 is the first time that Andrew participated in harvesting hemp.  Bish harvested 180 acres near Fort Morgan, CO with the SuperCrop® header.   In 2017, Andrew was instrumental in the harvest of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) hemp research plots.  In 2018 Andrew publicly demonstrated the 1st mechanized whole plant harvester, the Hemp Handler, at Salt Creek Hemp Company in Colbran, CO, and released a Claas Lexion forage harvester swathing conversion kit.

Bish has harvested, and/or sold hemp equipment in Colorado, Kentucky, and Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Puerto Rico, and others

Andrew is a member of the Hemp Industries Association, the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, the Caribbean Hemp Alliance, Tennessee Growers Coalition, National Sorghum Board, Nebraska Sorghum Board, and the US Custom Harvesters Association.  He is on the board of the 21st Century Agricultural Opportunities Coalition, the Colorado Hemp Industries Association Work Group, the U.S. Hemp Authority Technical Committee, and the Steering Committee of the US Hemp Grower’s Conference & Expo.  In addition to his memberships and board seats, he is also involved in speaking engagements with the Hemp Industries Association, the Hemp Industries Daily, the US Hemp Conference & Expo, and WAFBA (NOCO).  

Beyond all these engagements, Andrew is extremely active in the Nebraska Legislature.    Andrew has helped author & introduce multiple bills into the Nebraska legislature to bring hemp production to Nebraska.  Andrew has been instrumental in bringing together a coalition of supporters made up of the most influential organizations in the State of Nebraska.  Andrew has also visited Puerto Rico to educate legislators and regulators after they passed hemp legislation, and has participated in numerous Department of Agriculture meetings in states throughout the US.

When Andrew is not adding to his over 35,000 miles he has traveled around the country working with hemp, he resides at his home in Giltner, Nebraska.  There he spends time with his wife & two children.