Jared Mirsky - Speaker at USA CBD Expo 2019

Antonin Cohen

Barcelona, Spain

Company: Harmony

Position: CEO

Speaking Topic: EU CBD competitive landscape: quality standards, compliance, and self-regulation. Lessons from Europe's CBD market leader.

Skills: Startups, Hemp, Compliance, Growth, Terpenes

Antonin Cohen’s Biography

Antonin Cohen is the founder and CEO of Harmony, an international wellness company using hemp as a tool to bring real harmony to people’s lives. With 40 employees and a distribution network of more than 2400 retailers, Harmony transforms the potential of nature into beloved products all over the world.

Before Harmony, Antonin spent 12 years building VC-backed tech startups like HotelTonight — developing strong expertise in product, marketing, business development, and operations. He is a longtime specialist on hemp, having created in 2009 the  rst non-pro t organization dedicated to cannabis sciences in France (UFCM).

Antonin is a regular speaker at international conferences and Director of Compliance at ACTIVE, the first Pan-European trade association for CBD and Terpenes products.

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