Atlanta Skyline and sunset

The Atlanta CBD scene is growing, and many places add CBD food and drink to their menu. If you are looking for businesses that serve alternative products, keep reading and discover the best places in Peach City to enjoy a CBD drink and taste CBD dishes.

Canna Bistro

Chef Swan Simpson from Canna Bistro Atlanta with a dish

Are you looking for a healthy option? Canna Bistro is your place. Chef Swan Simpson is researching new tastes and flavors while cooking organic and sustainable food. At the same time, Simpson uses hemp seeds and CBD oils in her recipes. On their menu, you will find Jackfruit Hemp BBQ Chicken Pizza, Vanilla Vegan Ice Cream topped with chickpea hemp granola, and Hemp Infused BBQ Wild Jumbo Shrimp. At Canna Bistro, you also will find their own CBD oils brand products. Swan Simpson will also be in Women in Cannabis Panel at USA CBD Expo Atlanta.

Big Sky Buckhead

Big Sky Buckhead restaurant outdoors with customers

Big Sky Buckhead Bar & Restaurant offers some pub classics in an elegant but comfortable place. The guests can experience nightlife, dining, and brunch on Sunday. Among their cocktails, a CBD surprise: the Fairy Tale. This irresistible blend of wormwood absentia and Aquafaba drink is finished with a CBD tincture.

Golda Kombucha

Melanie Wade, Golda's founder, in her bar

Just picture this: refreshing homemade tea. This is what Golda Kombucha offers to their guests: a probiotic tea drink known for aiding digestion and increasing immune support. A family recipe with fruit and herb flavors native to Georgia that Golda’s founder (Melanie Wade) offers at her bar.  In the drink menu, a special one: Apple Chai CBD, a drink with 20 mg infused with broad-spectrum CBD.

SweetWater Brewery

Two men brewing beer at Sweet Water Brew Bar in Atlanta

SweetWater Brewery is an independent beer brand born in Atlanta. Since 1997 they brew 420 strains of craft brews using terpenes and natural hemp flavors that, when combined with select hops, emulate the flavors and aromas of popular cannabis strains. Their Pale Ale and IPA Style beers are well known in Atlanta and around the country: the 420 Strain G13 IPA is their #2 best-selling beer and #1 best-selling new craft beer in the U.S.

Where Else Can I Experience CBD in Atlanta

CBD and hemp-derived products are legal to produce and buy in Georgia. Events like the USA CBD Expo in June offers a space for hemp, CBD, and cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to learn and discuss this growing industry. If you want to assist, you can get your tickets here