Carving Out a CBD Niche in Canada


For those who are thinking about expanding their CBD business, it might be time to look beyond the border.  CBD, as you probably know already, is extremely popular in the United States thanks to both the recent change in legal status regarding hemp and the fact that more and more medical researchers are demonstrating its benefits with clinical studies.  Unlike most wellness trends that come and go, it’s pretty clear that CBD isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  In fact, financial experts predict that the CBD industry will be worth approximately $22 billion within the next couple of years.

If you’ve been reading up on CBD laws around the world, you know that Canada has recently legalized cannabis, which means that our northern neighbors should expect to see the CBD industry follow in the footsteps of ours.  This new change in law means that more consumers are interested in trying out CBD for themselves.  Therefore, as a business owner, there’s never been a better time to expand your market to Canada.

Why Canada?

In Canada, recreational cannabis use was legalized only very recently.  This means that the general public is more open to cannabis use than ever before.  And, CBD comes from hemp, a member of the cannabis family, which means that the CBD market in Canada is expected to grow as a result of this recent change in the plant’s legal status.

CBD use is now considered legal across Canada, and, as a result, citizens are just beginning to read up on its many potential benefits in hopes that they can find relief from their symptoms using this natural product.  Therefore, it’s a great time to start offering your CBD products to the Canadian market.  You’ll basically be ahead of the curve, which means that you’ll have a higher chance of seeing some amazing revenue before the competition gets too fierce.

Besides, the fact that Canada legalized recreational cannabis use shows that citizens are extremely liberal-minded when it comes to the plant.  Therefore, you can assume that you won’t have a hard time convincing customers that CBD is a great product for them to try.

How to Sell Your CBD in Canada to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Knowing what to do by having a sound strategy is crucial.

Having Knowledge About Canada’s CBD Laws is Key

As a CBD business owner, you know that laws regarding cannabis in general are constantly at risk of changing.  This is the case in Canada as much as it is in the United States.  Don’t assume that Canadian CBD laws and regulations are the same as they are here.  Do your research to understand how you can sell and market your products legally.

Remember that CBD is legal federally in Canada, but the specifics of how it can be sold and marketed vary from region to region.  Therefore, if you plan on setting up shop in a specific city, understand the rules regarding how you can sell your CBD without any legal consequences.

Also, keep in mind that CBD that’s sold in Canada, as of now, must come from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant.  In other words, it can’t contain more than 0.3 percent THC.  Also, presently, CBD edibles and topicals are not allowed to be sold, although experts predict that that will change when the recreational cannabis laws go into effect in October of 2019.


Learn About Canada’s CBD Market

Remember that the CBD market here and the CBD market in Canada might be very different from each other.  Products that sell out over here might not be nearly as popular across the border.  Take some time to study CBD trends among Canadian consumers so that you can curate your business according to their needs.  Find out which products are the most popular and the demographics of CBD customers in different regions of the country.

Study Other CBD Businesses in Canada

It’s never a bad idea as a business owner to check out the competition, and this is absolutely true when it comes to selling CBD in another country.  Research and study other CBD businesses in Canada that seem to be doing extremely well.  Find out what they’re doing right in order to keep their customers satisfied. 

Why Attending CBD Conventions Can Help You Expand Your Business to Canada’s Market

If you want to expand your business in order to sell CBD products in Canada, we strongly recommend checking out some CBD conventions taking place in the country.  As you’ll see, these conventions can take a lot of the hard work out of coming up with a business plan for success.  And, these days, conventions are easy to come by which means that you’ll have no trouble attending one that’s perfectly suited for your unique needs and priorities.

Here are some of the benefits of taking part in the Canadian CBD convention scene.

Learn from Canadian CBD Business Owners

You know that old stereotype about how Canadians are nice people?  Well, you might want to put that to the test by attending a convention and making friends with CBD business owners who have been doing their thing in Canada for a while.  You’ll likely be able to gain a lot of insight into the market over there just by discussing what it’s like to run a business in Canada.  You’ll also probably walk away with some helpful advice so that you can get started off on the right foot.

Learn the Current Trends in the Canadian CBD Market

At a Canadian CBD convention, you’ll find that you can discover the unique trends of the hemp market over there.  You’ll find out which products sell the most, what they’re used for and how they’re marketed.  You’ll be able to scope out the competition to see what it is that they’re doing right.  You’ll also get a feel for the demographics that are most likely to purchase your products.  And, you’ll be able to communicate directly with industry experts who know the Canadian CBD market better than anyone else.

Discover New Products

While you’re at a CBD convention, you’ll be able to see the latest and greatest hemp products to hit the market.  This will give you loads of highly valuable inspiration that can help your business soar.

Interact Directly with Canadian CBD Consumers to Learn What They Want

Of course, at a Canadian CBD convention, you’ll be able to interact directly with Canadian CBD consumers.  There’s really no better way to find out what consumers want than by speaking with them in person.

Make an Impression on Potential Customers

You’ll also be able to discuss and sell your products to Canadian consumers in order to make an impression on them.  This will make your brand recognizable when the time comes to set up shop in Canada.

The Canadian CBD Industry is About to Reach New Heights…

So now is the time to get in there with your exceptional hemp products.  If you wanna learn the ins and outs of the Canadian CBD industry, there’s really no better way than by attending some conventions that are taking place in the country.  We wish you good luck with your international business venture!