How Being Bilingual Gives You an Edge at a CBD Convention


Speaking two different languages can give you advantages in many ways. It allows you to communicate with a larger number of people, which can help you at work and in your day-to-day life. If you’re a CBD business owner, you may be surprised to learn that being bilingual can actually help you get your products out there even more.

We’re going to be getting into the ways in which being bilingual can help you at a CBD convention. Then, we’ll discuss the ways in which you can use this gift to your greatest advantage.

Many Non-English Speakers Feel Left Out of the CBD Conversation

CBD is a booming industry in America, but many people who don’t speak English are likely to feel a bit left out. The large majority of CBD companies are marketed toward English-speaking people, and the website, packaging and literature are all written in English. This means that there are many non-English speakers in the country who want to know more about CBD, but don’t have the means to do so.

Being bilingual allows you to reach out to the non-English speakers who are interested in CBD. Besides being able to provide them with information about your products, you’ll be giving them the gift of feeling heard at last.

Able to Reach a Broader Audience

The larger your audience, the most products you have the potential to sell. Speaking more than one language instantly increases the size of your audience, simply put.

Able to Exhibit Internationally

Another benefit of speaking two different languages is that you’ll be able to exhibit in two different countries while speaking the native language of each one. For instance, if you speak English and Spanish, you’ll be able to visit all of the many Spanish-speaking countries and exhibit there, being fully capable of communicating fluently with potential customers.


Tips for Making the Most of Being Bilingual at a CBD Convention

Now that you know how being bilingual can benefit you at a CBD convention, it’s time to get into the ways in which you can make the most of your ability to speak more than one language. These tips will ensure that you use that skill in the most beneficial way possible.

Tip #1: Make a Sign to Indicate That You Speak Multiple Languages

First, it’s a good idea to let customers know that you speak multiple languages before they even make it over to your booth. A large sign that indicates which languages you speak attracts non-English speakers from across the room. Perhaps they wouldn’t have visited your booth had they not seen your sign from several yards away. Make sure that the sign is legible, bright and neat – after all, aesthetics are important at these conventions, and you don’t want to just scribble all over a piece of poster board.

Tip #2: Consider Making Some Labels and Information Signs in Another Language

While showing at a convention, you’ll likely struggle to spend a fair amount of time with every single person who walks up to your booth. This is just the nature of conventions. So, instead of putting tremendous pressure on yourself to speak to everyone and answer every single one of their questions, consider making signage and very thorough product labels in both languages. This way, non-English speaking attendees can learn about CBD and check out the labels of your products without requiring your undivided attention.

Tip #3: Think About Bringing Along Some Bilingual Employees as Well

If you know that you’re going to be showing in an area in which there are two commonly spoken languages, you may want to consider bringing along some staff who also speak the same two languages. This way, it won’t be solely your responsibility to communicate with everyone.

Tip #4: Check Out Conventions Overseas

Because you can speak two languages, don’t just stick to conventions in the United States. The fact that you can speak a second language means that you’ll have no trouble showing off your products in another country. So, when you explore the convention circuit, make sure that you don’t limit yourself to the United States scene.

Tip #5: Extend Your Bilingual Skills to Your Company’s Website

Finally, if you’re speaking two different languages at conventions, you may want to make sure that your website offers information in both languages as well. After all, many people who will be visiting your booth will be checking out your website after they leave the convention.

Being Bilingual Could Potentially Increase Overall Business

Being bilingual can definitely benefit your CBD business, and it can also allow the attendees to feel included in the CBD conversation. Follow the tips above to capitalize on this skill and sell as many products as possible.