Are CBD Beverages the Next Big Thing?


In the CBD world, we’ve been hearing a lot about CBD vape oils, tinctures and topicals as they’ve become incredibly popular in recent years. A new trend is emerging, and it just might be more successful than anything that has come out of this relatively new industry. CBD beverages are changing the landscape of the market, as well as the health and wellness industry. And, as you’re about to find out, they’re uniquely beneficial and equally exciting.

Why CBD Beverages?

CBD-infused beverages are just starting to reach the mass market, and they’re already one of the preferred ways of receiving a daily dose of CBD. There are lots of advantages to this method of consumption, and in addition, the concept of quenching your thirst while also consuming a naturally healing, beneficial substance like cannabidiol is an incredible development in this industry.

Great for People on the Go

CBD comes in many forms. Among the most popular are vape oils, tinctures, and edibles. All of these different ways to ingest CBD are great, but they all require some form of effort, or a complementing product to make it work. A vaping device needs maintenance in the form of recharging the batteries and replacing the cartridges. Capsules should be consumed with water, while tinctures need to be held under the tongue for upwards of a minute.

Beverages, meanwhile, can be consumed effortlessly. This means that someone who is constantly in motion just needs to grab a refreshing can of CBD sparkling water, or a mug of CBD coffee or tea and drink it. They can take the drink with them to work, enjoy it while they’re on the beach and sip on it throughout the day. It’s an extremely efficient way to get in that daily dose.

Can Be Formulated with Other Beneficial Ingredients

CBD-infused beverages can contain a lot more than CBD. Any natural health enthusiast knows that vitamin-packed beverages can provide concentrated nutrients without all the extra calories. We expect to see more CBD-infused drinks that contain many other highly beneficial plant extracts in the near future.

More Fun to Consume

There’s just something fun about a CBD beverage! Companies can create a wide range of flavors, making CBD more appealing to consumers.


It’s safe to assume that consumers hesitant about trying other forms of CBD will be more likely to pick up a CBD-infused elixir. Beverages are far more familiar and perceived as safer to the average consumer than tinctures and vaping products. Consumers on the fence about trying CBD will likely feel more inclined to purchase it if it comes in beverage form.

How CBD Beverages are Made

CBD beverages have a lot in common with other CBD products in terms of basic formula, with some additional ingredients. All CBD products are derived from a highly concentrated hemp extract that is produced by a process that carefully preserves the integrity of the various beneficial compounds. This hemp extract is then blended with other ingredients. For tinctures, the extract is combined with a carrier oil. For vape oils, the extract is combined with propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavoring.

CBD beverages combine this beneficial hemp extract with the standard ingredients you’d find in any bottled beverage. Now, the world of beverages is diverse, and so is the world of CBD beverages. We expect to see CBD-infused fruit juices, soft drinks and health/sports drinks as this submarket continues to expand in the coming years.

Helping the Industry Potentially Evolve and Thrive

Now that CBD beverages are starting to take off, it is safe to say this submarket will only add to the success of the industry. It has the potential to fuel the industry to grow faster than ever, thanks to its consumer-friendly and widely appealing nature. In fact, there are rumors that major beverage companies are exploring formulas that combine CBD with classic beverage recipes.

As the CBD industry is still technically in its infancy, expansion of new products is crucial. There are many different ways to enjoy CBD, and as more are introduced to the market, more customers will be open to trying it.

CBD Beverages Are Here to Stay

It’s clear that CBD beverages are about to become a key fixture of this booming market. These tasty concoctions can quench our thirst while supplying us with a dose of high-quality hemp extract. Don’t be surprised if you see more and more CBD-infused beverages hitting the market in the months to come. And, it goes without saying that you should consider picking up a bottle or two when you see them in your local store.