Will CBD Use Crossover Multiple Generations?

Will CBD Use Crossover Multiple Generations? - USA CBD Expo 2019

CBD is becoming a bigger part of the mainstream consciousness with each positive study coming out regarding its amazing health benefits.  It’s no longer unusual to see CBD tinctures for dogs at the local pet store, hemp-infused creams in the beauty aisle and CBD gummy candies at the gas station.

Now, CBD enthusiasts are beginning to wonder if hemp is about to become the next big thing in the healthcare industry, not just beloved by progressive millennials but by senior citizens as well.

CBD: A Cross-Generational Cure-All?

Obviously, CBD’s wide array of benefits doesn’t discriminate based on age.  There’s no reason why CBD can’t help a young person with pain caused by injury while helping a senior citizen with pain caused by, say osteoarthritis.  All of our bodies respond to CBD no matter how many years we have behind us.

The reason why CBD is considered such a promising cure-all, regardless of the user’s age, has to do with the body’s endocannabinoid system.  Discovered only a couple of decades ago, this crucial bodily system regulates the many functions of the body by producing cannabinoids that attach to cannabinoid receptors.  These receptors exist along the digestive tract, within the brain and along the nervous system. When cannabinoids bond with these receptors, the regulation of these processes occurs.  These processes include pain tolerance, immune function, mood and hormonal balance.

CBD benefits the body and mind on such a wide scale because most of us are naturally deficient in cannabinoids.  While the body is supposed to produce cannabinoids on its own, it’s widely believed that environmental factors of our modern-day society inhibit the endocannabinoid system’s ability to do this efficiently.  That’s why we benefit so much from the plant-based cannabinoid that is CBD.

Is Every Generation Equally Excited about Giving CBD a Chance?

Of course, it’s more likely for a millennial to be open to trying CBD than a senior citizen.  While millennials grew up in the era of pro-cannabis legislation and mainstream alternative health practices, senior citizens are a bit more set in their ways, and they lived during the era of anti-marijuana propaganda.

We can’t stress enough that there’s no reason to associate marijuana with hemp.  While marijuana is psychoactive because of its high THC level, hemp is not. CBD that comes from hemp will, therefore, not make a person high.  Some of the older generations are less likely to be aware of this fact simply because they’re not as exposed to information regarding CBD.

However, as we said earlier, more legitimate studies are demonstrating how CBD does, in fact, treat a wide range of health issues such as arthritis pain, anxiety, depression and more.  With this information, medical professionals are starting to prescribe CBD to their patients regardless of their age. This means that more and more seniors are discovering CBD because their trusted doctors are recommending it to them.

CBD for Millennials

One of the greatest ailments to plague the millennial generation is anxiety.  Various studies have confirmed that anxiety is at an all-time high among people of this particular age group.  It’s no surprise considering the unprecedented financial stress placed upon millennials in today’s society. Combine that with the detrimental effects of social media addiction and a world that seems more unsafe than ever, and it’s not hard to understand why millennials are feeling incredibly stressed out these days.

Millennials are also the most likely age group to give CBD a try.  Because millennials have seen many states adopt pro-cannabis legislation, they recognize that CBD is most likely safe to use and are less likely to judge cannabis as a whole.  

Many millennials are taking CBD to treat their anxiety.  Various studies have confirmed that CBD is uniquely capable of reducing anxiety levels thanks to its ability to lower cortisol throughout the body.  CBD calms the mind and body, helping a person relax. CBD is considered safer than popular prescription anti-anxiety medications that can lead to severe addiction.

Best Products
For those who have general anxiety, a CBD tincture is highly recommend.  This type of product acts fairly quickly and can last for an entire day. It’s easy to take and is often available in a wider range of concentrations so that the user can adjust their dosage level with ease and accuracy.

CBD for GenXers

GenXers are also more likely to have an open mind to CBD as their generation saw a less judgmental attitude toward cannabis overall.  In fact, many members of this age group are currently taking CBD to address a wide range of ailments. Typically, members of the GenX group are starting to recognize that CBD can help them manage their aches and pains that are developing as they begin to enter their forties.  CBD is widely known for its pain-relieving properties, making it a highly effective treatment for all types of pain.

Best Products
CBD edibles are very popular among this age group.  Usually manufactured in the form of candies, CBD edibles can be consumed throughout the day and tend to last for hours at a time.  This makes them great for those who are experiencing general pain.

CBD for Baby Boomers

Baby boomers grew up during the sixties, meaning that their views on cannabis can be largely defined by their experiences during this historic period in time.  Many boomers are discovering that CBD is a highly beneficial plant substance that can help with a variety of issues. Boomers who are developing arthritis with age are starting to discover that CBD can help tremendously.  As osteoarthritis is an age-related condition, CBD can help treat the pain before the condition becomes severe.

Best Products
Topical CBD products are becoming very popular among boomers who wish to treat localized pain without ingesting hemp.  These products can be massaged into the skin for fast, long-lasting relief.

CBD for Senior Citizens

As we age, our neurons stop regenerating like they used to.  This can lead to degenerative ailments like dementia. Fascinatingly, CBD has been found to boast neuroprotective properties, meaning that it can stimulate neurogenesis while protecting brain cells during the aging process.  For this reason, CBD is becoming more and more common among senior citizens.

Best Products
Many doctors recommend CBD capsules to their senior patients.  Capsules feel more familiar to members of this age group than tinctures and gummy candies.

Generations Being Able to Truly Enjoy the Wonders of Hemp

As you can see, CBD can benefit people of any age group.  No matter what ailment you’re experiencing for the most part, talk to your doctor about using CBD as a natural, holistic treatment method.

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