Jared Mirsky - Speaker at USA CBD Expo 2019

Chelsea Landow

Located in Houston Texas, USA

Former Company: Ageless Envy

Position: President

Speaking Topic: CBD/Hemp skin care

Skills: Business Leader, Grower, Entrepreneur

Chelsea Landow’s Biography

20 successful years in the beauty and wellness industries as a therapist, teacher and owner. I have successfully owned and operated multiple Med Spas and fitness facilities.  In 2019 I started Ageless Envy to make affordable natural products and detoxifying professional spa treatments.

Chelsea briefly walked us through her story and how she got to where she is today.
*Started a corp massage business at 19.
*Started Yoga 4 family 6 years ago, working in children’s yoga. I’m Texas children’s hospitals volunteer pain management kid’s yoga teacher. Trained by Marita Gardner Anapol of Yoga 4KIds based out of Kingwood/formerly of NYC.
*Started Lumiere Fitness SpaHouston-4years ago.
*Started Ageless Envy Retreats-1 year ago.
*Purchased the rights to the first Houston area Franchise of Hotworx -Fort Bend, Harris & Warton Counties.

I’ve made decisions that I thought would be financially beneficial but almost bankrupted me. My company Yoga 4 Family was fulfilling spiritually but not financially. You have to find something you love that you can make a living at. The faith in that tomorrow would be better if I just got up and tried harder got me thru it.


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