Jared Mirsky - Speaker at USA CBD Expo 2019

Christine Klahn

Located in San Diego, USA

Former Company: The Happy Chemists LLC

Position: CEO, President, Chief Scientist

Speaking Topic: The Science of Cannabinoids

Skills: Marketing, Chemistry, Engineering, Research, Development, Scale-up, Manufacturing, Quality Management, ISO 9001 and 17025

Christine’s Biography

Raised in Dallas, Texas, Christine Klahn obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University (1997) and a Master’s Degree in Chemical/Biochemical Engineering at the University of Rochester (2002). She has worked in the industry for Fortune 500 Companies ARCO Chemical Company, Bayer AG, Eastman Kodak Company, and Invitrogen.

Christine’s first experience in flavors of food and beverage comes straight from the small organic farm she ran in North Carolina. She managed several acres, providing local customers, as well as Four Star chefs in Charlotte, with organic and natural fruits, juices, jams, baked goods, and beauty products. She also enjoys making her own wine, beer, and kombucha. 

Christine has worked with start-up companies in the vape and cannabis industries since 2016, and has personally  developed many CBD-based products such as flavored water, protein bars and shakes, decadent chocolates, gummies, and beauty and skin care products. Christine has extensive expertise in a whole product development process, starting with research, development, scale-up engineering, manufacturing, compliance, lab management, and analytical testing. 


About The Happy Chemists

The Happy Chemists LLC is a science based company, started by chemists and engineers, who have a passion for developing the best tasting and highest quality products for our clients.  While balancing client needs, we also monitor consumer demand and position our clients to offer the best products for their respective market.

The Happy Chemists provide turn-key solutions to our clients, by turning our client’s ideas and concepts into reality. We study the feasibility and economics of each idea and concept.  We then strategically plan all product development activities including formulation, scale up manufacturing, labeling and packaging. In addition, The Happy Chemists LLC will source and negotiate prices of all ingredients, flavors, labels, and packaging, as well as contract manufacturing on behalf of our clients.

The Happy Chemists LLC develops and formulates a wide range of products including sports nutrition/probiotic drinks and powders, skin care and pain relief topicals, as well as CBD/hemp based products such as gummies, chocolates, tinctures and flavored PG/VG vape.

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