LOS ANGELES— The vertically integrated hemp and CBD product manufacturer, Natural Hemp Company is pleased to introduce its first brand, Day One CBD Sparkling Water (DayOneCBD.com). Day One makes its debut at USA CBD Expo in Miami this week. The flavored sparkling water will be available for purchase at a variety of retail locations nationwide and via dayonecbd.com starting August 1.

“Day One is a perfectly balanced sparkling water that is infused with 20mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD with a splash of lemon fruit juice. We only use all-natural ingredients and our waters have zero calories, zero carbs, and no added sweeteners,” says Chris Clifford, CEO of Natural Hemp Company, the parent company of Day One. “Day One is an extremely dynamic beverage that you can enjoy anytime, whether you are living your best life or recovering from it.”

CBD is non-intoxicating and is legal throughout the United States. CBD is a hemp-based extract adaptogen with a number of potential health benefits, including increased energy levels, pain relief, improved focus, and anxiety relief. While CBD is effective in inhalable and edible forms, CBD-infused water is much easier for the body to absorb, making for a more effective, hydrating, and faster-acting experience.

Day One is expected to be sold nationwide in select 7-Elevens, Natural Foods stores and big-box retailers. Day One is optimal for the health and fitness industry and is the perfect beverage at local gyms and commercial studios. Creative and tech-based companies that require extreme focus and creativity—and are high-stress environments—will also benefit from Day One.

Day One currently offers its sparkling CBD water in lemon and will introduce additional flavors later this year. Day One will be supported in the market by an integrated 360 media and marketing campaign, including social media marketing, event sponsorships, brand collaborations, and pop-up shops.

For additional information, please visit DayOneCBD.com.

About Natural Hemp Company

From Food and Beverage to Wellness and Beauty, Natural Hemp Company’s mission is to provide our customers with convenient, high-quality hemp and CBD products. Vertical integration creates a transparent and consistent supply chain and the ability to offer consumer-friendly prices, positioning Natural Hemp Company as a strong retail partner.