DJ Khaled Latest Celebrity to Join the CBD Business

Entertainment entrepreneurs often use their network and resources to create and promote new and innovative businesses. In some instances, these entrepreneurs find companies who see tremendous potential in partnering up with these entertainment moguls to find opportunities for mutual benefit.

Such is the case of Endexx Corporation, a publicly-traded equity firm with a diverse portfolio that, along with DJ Khaled, is now ready to include “another one” to its holdings. With its flagship company, CBD Unlimited, Endexx offers products ranging from oils, capsules, topicals, and pet products, all with the shared purpose of therapeutic and pain relief for humans and pets.

With Khaled, Endexx hopes to launch a new CBD Company that boasts a hemp-derived, cannabidiol-rich collection sure to please consumers and fans alike. This joint venture is expected to launch in early 2021.

“As a father, an entrepreneur, a music executive, and visionary, I am blessed with daily inspiration, a drive to work hard, and a passion for success. CBD has become a part of my daily routine and allows me to focus myself and my energies while striving to better myself every day,” said DJ Khaled to Rolling Stone.

Officially, the company’s name has yet to be announced, but this DJ Khaled’s venture promises to continue building the artist’s legacy and success by focusing energies on the health and wellness sector.