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Dr. Joseph Escobar

Pompano Beach, Florida

Company: Pharmamerica, LLC

Position: CEO

Speaking Topic: Hemp Farming in Colombia South America (Boutique Farms to Industrial Size Farming)

Skills: Hemp Farming in Colombia South America

Dr. Joseph Escobar’s Biography

Dr. Escobar, (PhD) is a presenter of Colombian, South America, HEMP farming opportunities in both English and Spanish. Colombia HEMP Farming is intentionally poised by the Colombian federal government to dominate international HEMP markets with strictly regulated superior quality raw and shelf-ready consumer HEMP products. His knowledge and experience in Colombian HEMP farming derives from his work in the pharmaceutical industry in both countries. Dr. Escobar is the CEO of Pharmamerica, LLC, a Florida corporation which serves Central and South American governments with USA, European, and Australian health and diagnostic products. Dr. Escobar has an extensive background in international business in Latin America (LATAM). He possesses a unique expertise in Colombian HEMP farming from boutique farms to industrial size farming. Dr. Escobar is well versed in Colombian law regarding HEMP/THC cannabis licenses, permits, and export to the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. He is personally known in many agencies in United States Federal government, Export Import Bank of the United States, Department of Commerce, Florida Enterprise, Sovereign governments and sub- Sovereign governments throughout LATAM. Dr. Escobar also advises US corporations regarding United States government funding programs that ensure working capital and foreign buyer payment guarantees with zero default risk. He also consults on behalf sovereign nations, sub-sovereign governments, NGOs and private international clientele. Dr. Escobar serves on trade delegations representing the United States in LATAM and has been privileged to meet heads of state cabinet members; members of Congress, senators, and philanthropist celebrities. Dr. Escobar was born in Colombia but resides in Florida. He enjoys dual citizenship in both the USA and Colombia.

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