Jared Mirsky - Speaker at USA CBD Expo 2019

George Hou

Seymour, TN

Company: Myco Sativa, LLC

Position: CEO

Speaking Topic: Little Known Tips on How to Create Your Bestselling Cannabis Product!

Skills: Marketing, packaging, cGMP Nutraceutical Manufacturer

George Hou’s Biography

Nutraceutical Manufacturing Entrepreneur | Experienced Direct Sales Marketer Hemp Enthusiast | Early Cryptocurrency Adopter and Investor | Youtube Influencer

With over two decades of experience in complementary medicine, George Hou’s journey started in 1998 with the co-founding of a direct-to-consumer, alternative medicine company that turned into the largest manufacturer of bio-magnetic mattresses in the USA.

With this experience, along with being a seasoned marketing professional, George has gathered significant notoriety within the Direct Sales Industry. He has built multiple $100 Million+ a year sales organizations with the largest consisting of 257,000 sales and marketing reps in 70 different countries!

Ever the visionary, George is using his knowledge gained from his dual cGMP certified contract manufacturing company, Ingenuity Beverages, and applying it in new and cutting-edge ways. By fusing CBD, his high-end Medicinal mushrooms, and herbal extracts he has successfully homed his passions into a new luxury brand -- Myco Sativa.

George's passion, high energy, and humor is unmatched, both on and off the stage. When he is not speaking, you can find him assisting like-minded visionary entrepreneurs who want to build life changing brands within the explosive cannabis industry.

Have you ever launched a product, and whenever you see it finally sitting on the shelf, you think to yourself "this isn't actually what I wanted"? Don't worry, you're not alone -- we can all relate to that less than-rewarding feeling when your vision starts to blur, getting lost in miscommunication with copackers. This is where George Hou comes in!

George Hou has experienced all aspects of manufacturing -- from conception to branding, marketing, and packaging -- and he understands what it takes to stay true to what YOU want, and how to communicate with the people you'll be working with. He'll use his years of experience in the business to navigate you through the process to guide you through it all, with exceptional humor and entertainment to boot. If you book George Hou today, you’ll soon realize that co-packing has never been this fun!

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