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Giovanni Yarabek Ph.D.

Located in Tampa, Florida  USA

Company: PUNCH Agency-Retail Dove

Position: Retail Marketing Expert

Speaking Topic: Hemp Retailing 101. Private label vs. Branded

Skills: Visionary, Retail Marketing Expert, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Turnaround Change, Marketing, Sales, Restructuring, Management,

Giovanni Yarabek’s Biography

Growing up Italian in the big apple with the appreciation for the arts, science, new math, sports, cooking and of course, RETAIL. Formerly ranked tennis player, boxer, and college baseball catcher, Giovanni has dabbled with racing cars semi-professionally and piloting a hot air balloon. He maintains a 10' x 20' organic garden year round. Giovanni has lived in Tampa Bay for just over 20 years.  

Holding a PhD, over two Masters (MFA-Comminucation and MBA-Marketing) Giovanni Yarabek's discipline is consumer shopping behavior, which has helped hundreds of national and international brands succeed in their sales arena. An innovator and pioneer of Loyalty Marketing, Giovanni's solutions and strategic plans compel shoppers to become loyal customers. It's more than packaging and positioning, more than social media (the new word-of-mouth-advertising) and much more than good customer service.  Competition today is NOT between Business Models; it's between Marketing Plans.

Giovanni is a frequent speaker on all things retail at Retail Summits, Market Trade Shows and symposiums nationally and internationally. His matter-of-,fact approach is refreshing, as he does not "fill-Time" or beat around the bush. Attending this workshop, you'll learn great advice on selling more product to prospects and customers, in the best possible retail environment.  You'll leave understanding if Private Label Hemp products are right for you. You'll take away information to transform not only your retail marketplace, but your approach to getting more pocketbooks into your stores. This is a *MUST* attend workshop for owners and management of single - to - multi unit retailers.


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