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Jose Belen

Located in Fort Lauderdale Florida, US

Former Company: Mission Zero Actual

Position: President & Founder

Speaking Topic: Cannabis, Law, PTSD, Veterans & Corporate America

Skills: Cannabis, Business, PTSD, Veterans, Corporate America, and Law

Jose’s Biography

US Army combat veteran and NY native, Jose Belen enlisted at 19 deploying to Iraq in 2003. Jose struggled with PTSD till 2016 when the war inside almost robbed him of everything: career, family, and life. Ultimately overcoming personal demons and inspired by his triumph, Jose and his wife Danielle founded Mission Zero; a nonprofit dedicated to proving PTSD isn’t a death sentence for veterans and families. Mission Zero develops targeted education and advocacy campaigns, spearheads suicide prevention efforts, and organizes family support initiatives.

Jose and Danielle help businesses expand veteran outreach, hiring and coaching initiatives. Personal experience and great need made Jose an outspoken advocate for access to medical cannabis. An inspiring speaker, Jose shares his story at major conferences nationally, internationally and personally takes the fight to Capitol Hill. He is 1 of 6 individuals/organizations suing the federal government to remove it from Schedule I drug listing.

Favorite Quote

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi


About Mission Zero

Neither government agencies nor community partners alone can tackle the veterans suicide epidemic at the current rate of a life lost every 65 minutes. We lose more than 8k of the 175,000 military men and women who transition each year to civilian life for many reasons and we are here to change that. Our vision is a world based on HOPE, where the mission of our nation’s heroes doesn’t expire with their service.

We know from our own experiences that a PTSD diagnosis isn’t a death sentence or the end of the line. But we also know that it changes everything.

We’ve known how it feels to have the horrors of the battlefield follow us home. We understand what it’s like to be endlessly hounded by nightmares, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and the thought that there might never be an escape. We’ve witnessed firsthand how the current medical and veterans-support systems often can’t handle the problem, relying on oversimplified approaches, punitive mindsets, and dangerous pharmaceuticals that risk making the situation worse. And we know what it’s like for the war within your mind to claim collateral damage: your job, your family, your very existence.

But from our own experiences, we know there is a path to recovery. We know there are people and resources that can help our country’s heroes recover from their wounds. We know there are endless opportunities for veterans to prove that they’re not used goods, but instead incredible assets whose service to society is only just beginning. We know that a PTSD diagnosis can’t be wiped away – but it can be overcome, and the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.