Jared Mirsky - Speaker at USA CBD Expo 2019

Kevin Puloski

Located in Ktichener, Ontario, CA

Former Company: Qualis

Position: CEO, President, Co-Founder

Speaking Topic: Global CBD Markets and International Developements

Skills: CEO and Global Expansion (India, Spain, USA, Canada, Columbia)

Kevin Puloski’s Biography

As CEO of Qualis Cannabis and Northern Roots, Kevin leads the company in its strategic vision both domestically and internationally. An entrepreneur through and through, he identifies global market trends and partners with the right people to be successful. He’s had many roles over the years, including President of Pund-IT; Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Pavestone Company Inc., a Fortune 500 company; Director of Managed Services and Technical Services at Able-One; Director of Managed Services and Director of User Education at SSA Global (Infor); and advised not-for-profit, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and digital media organizations to help them achieve their goals.

Kevin is a skilled negotiator, with a proven track record of taking projects from inception to profitability. He understands the power of a positive and happy workplace, and has built a strong culture around social responsibility, engagement, and education at Northern Roots. Kevin is also a life-long learner, dedicated to both personal and professional development, and instills this in the team. He’s actively involved in various community-based organizations and is well-versed in corporate governance, having sat on a number of governing Boards. He is a founding member and past Chair of Entrepreneurs’ Organization/EO Southwest Ontario. This breadth of experience ensures Northern Roots initiatives will achieve company objectives, and that we set the bar for quality and innovation in the industry.


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