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Event Speakers List

We are partnering with CBD & Hemp industry professionals to organize a number of educational seminars, keynotes and workshops.
Most of these seminars will focus on the business side of the CBD and hemp industry, current and future CBD market trends, health benefits, legality and medicinal use.

Want To Become A Speaker?


Shayda Torabi

Marketing, Branding, E-Commerce


Dara Torres

Global Wellness Ambassador: CaniBrands
5-time Olympic Swimmer, Mother, Model

Kyle Turley

Founder: NeuroXPF
Professional Athlete, Business Owner, Musician

Kailyn Lowry

CEO: Pothead Haircare
Professional Business Owner, Marketing

Philip Fusco

Marketing: RXCannaCare & CBD Matrix
Fitness Model, Marketing, Health


Matt Hagan

Owner: TruHarvest Farms
Professional Racer, Business Owner

Marty Hale

Co-Founder & CEO: CannaGlobe
Executive Management, Marketing

Devin Penhall

Director of Client Strategy: ForceBrands
Sales, Marketing, Recruiting

Carla Boyd

President/Founder: Hemp Way Foods
Hemp Chef, Marketing, Fundraising


Mike Lewis

Co-Founder: Third Wave Farms
Industrial Hemp Farming, Public Speaker/Educator

Antonio Frazier

VP of Operations: CannaSafe
Public Safety, Materials Engineering


Rick Martinez

CEO: Green Seed Cannabis Co.
Cannabis Startups, Business Incubators

Margaret Zanel

Chief Revenue Growth Officer: CaniBrands
Revenue Driver, Strategy, Digital Marketing


Loren Weisman

Strategist: Create Wealth Communities
Branding Strategy, Discovery and Planning

Aaron Riley

President: CannaSafe
Business Management, Analytics

Dr. Jenelle Kim

Founder: JBK Wellness Labs
Medical Professional, Business Management


Ron Romano

President: IMS Corp.
Business/Marketing Assessment & Plans

Eric Goepel

Founder & CEO: Veterans Cannabis Coalition
Veteran, Activist on Cannabis

Dan Ager

Co-Founder: Cannaverse Solutions
Brand Building and Growth

Bob Allen

President of US Operations: Celtic Wind Crops
Sales, Marketing

David Postolski

Partner: Gearhart Law
Intellectual Property Expert & Business Leader