Jared Mirsky - Speaker at USA CBD Expo 2019

Maruchy Lachance

Golden, Colorado

Company: Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Laboratory

Position: COO & Co-Founder

Speaking Topic: CBD for Athletes: How Hemp Is Disrupting the Health and Wellness Sector as We Know It

Specializations: Manufacturing, Sourcing, Education, etc.

Maruchy’s Biography

Maruchy Lachance is Chief Operating Officer and Partner of Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Laboratory, a Colorado-based cannabidiol (CBD) product manufacturer. She oversees the Company’s day-to-day operations, which include development of custom formulations and large-scale contract manufacturing of private-label products for clients such as dietary supplement, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies. She implements systems and best practices to ensure operational efficiency, compliance, quality control on all levels of business.

In her role as partner, she collaborates with the chief executive officer to create long-term strategies for further growth. Ms. Lachance manages relationships with partners, investors and clients, and works closely with Boulder Botanical’s research and development team to maintain integrity, high standards and consistency in the company’s products. She travels the country frequently for speaking engagements on behalf of the Company and the hemp industry.

Ms. Lachance has more than two decades of experience in business administration and operations oversight in a variety of corporate, academic and public sector organizations. In 2014, she was appointed COO of Denver-based health and wellness firm X8 Brands, of which Boulder Botanical is a subsidiary. She oversaw development of nutraceutical products including formulation R&D, manufacturing and retailing. Previously, she owned Running Ninja LLC, an apparel firm centered on active lifestyle and worked as an independent copywriter.  

Ms. Lachance is a Florida native, an avid runner and an advocate for equal pay and human rights.

About Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Labs

Established in 2015, Boulder Botanicals and Biosciences, LLC has a strong foundation built on 25 years of combined experience in nutraceuticals, research & development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Located in colorado, bbb labs. Entered into the cannabinoid space with a vision and a passion for innovative research and development, the creation of advanced solutions for health and wellness, and setting the standards for quality and compliance in this emerging and important industry.

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