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Natalia Radziuk
Master of Ceremonies

On-Air Radio Personality | Producer
Co-Host of JP Morning Show 
WZFL | Revolution 93.5fm

Companies: Sacred Root Inc.
Position: Owner


Natalia Radziuk’s Biography

Naughty Natalia/Co-Host of the JP Morning Show

You might have heard her name from the dance music to rock radio scene as she’s held the crown as one of South Florida’s most popular DJs for over a decade, "Naughty" Natalia.  She’s made a name for herself with the glowstick set before 93 Rock, 93.5 The Bar to Power 96 it was Party 93.1fm in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami!  Even before that, she held the coveted Morning Show spot called “Beauty vs. The Beast” with The Poorman on Groove Radio 103.1 back in Los Angeles in the early 90’s!!  Ever since she was 14 years old, her love for the dance music has been an authentic one, performing live as a recording artist opening up for C&C Music Factory to touring all of the United States, all of Asia to Central and South America.  "My techno song, ‘More of My Love’ was #1 in the charts and on Groove Radio when Swedish Egil, Program Director, hired me to be on air!”. She grew as a DJ with Groove Radio for 2 years, breaking out techno artists like Prodigy, Robert Miles, Rabbit in the Moon, Nuyorican Soul to representing and managing dance music artists at Sunshine and Arista Records to Underground Construction in Chicago. She never thought she’d get back in radio when she moved back to South Florida until Party 93.1 came to the radio waves.  “I had to fulfill the calling to work at Party 93.1.  I was made for that position and remained at Party 93.1 for 3 ½ years. I worked with every major DJ you can think of. Name one, and I've worked broadcasting live with almost all of them. I’ve hosted Markus Schulz’ weekly show “Global DJ Broadcast” to hosting for Paul Oakenfold’s show and so many more!” 

Naughty Natalia isn’t just some broadcast radio DJ, this girl was one of the driving forces when Ultra Music Festival was in its infancy stages.  She told us, “Before I started at Party 93.1fm I worked with the Faibisch brothers and Alex Omes from Ultra; I helped put together the first two Ultra Beach Music Festivals from scratch!".  She also held the Master of Ceremonies position for Winter Music Conference’s International Dance Music Awards for 10 years STRAIGHT! You knew by meeting her that Naughty Natalia loved her job and she loved her dance music and live broadcasts she did from the legendary Voodoo Lounge in Ft. Lauderdale to her Saturday night broadcasts from Space in Downtown Miami.

When she was among the first to learned that Party 93.1fm had flipped formats on Valentine’s Day, it turned her world upside down. "It was devastating for dance music but a victory for Rock. I lost my livelihood with all the live broadcasts I was doing in one fucking hour. I felt that everything I knew stopped. My main thing was, what do I need to do and secondly, do I have a job?" she remembers. Now instead of Paul Oakenfold and remixes of Britney Spears songs, Natalia played Audioslave and Korn, Staind and Metallica. Her enthusiasm for the music is infectious and convincing. "I've had dance music in my blood, but I also used to listen to death metal! I listened to Bauhaus and Skinny Puppy, and then I got into New Wave.... I've been through so many phases," she explains.  “Then when I had the incredible opportunity to work at Power 96 while growing a side business to keep my life afloat, I just couldn’t resist!”  She lasted there for about a year covering the overnights and handing the mic over to “The JP Morning Show” on Power 96!  Funny on how the two are meeting again on Revolution 93.5!

Through hard work and dedication, Naughty Natalia not only earned the competitive midday spot on Revolution 93.5 in Miami, Florida, they promoted her to co-hosting on “The JP Morning Show”! Natalia takes any and every opportunity to show love to her fans, but she also has a message for the few remaining haters out there. "I've had people who wanna judge me and say, ‘Oh, she doesn't know this fucking music.' To the people who accept me and respect how hard it's been for me to try to gain the respect culture to culture in the music scene, I say thank you because I do it with love and respect for the scene and for DJ’s everywhere. And those who want to be hard-core and not accept me, that's their opinion. I'm just gonna be myself" she says with defiance. Natalia is rebellious, strong, confident, admirable and most of all believes in unity - everything dance music should be.

When you don’t find Naughty Natalia on the air, she’ll either be working out, working on her side hustle as an avid entrepreneur, speaking at leadership events or on the beaches of South Florida sipping her champagne.  Be part of Naughty Natalia’s Groove Community on Social Media by hash tagging  #NaughtyNation935 , #sheplaysharder , #NaughtyNatalia935 and show us how you are listening to her on “The JP Morning Show” online Monday – Friday 7a-11am, her Friday Night Mix Sessions from 8p-9p and on Sunday’s from 12p-4p she is always down to give our listeners the love they deserve!

Owner of Sacred Root Inc.

From growing up with a terminally ill mother in Los Angeles, Natalia's respect level for the health & wellness is one she takes extremely personal. After her mother died, Natalia's dedication in learning as much as she could in the medical field which has led her in working on projects in the nutraceutical arena. She even worked in the Recovery field as an Outreach Coordinator for Recovery Unplugged, led by Grammy Award songwriter/producer Richie Supa of Aerosmith. Natalia knew that natural alternatives were desperately needed from people rather than the overpriced regular pharmaceutical drugs for recovery. She worked with local farmers, manufacturers, laboratories, doctors, nurses and more which led her to moving to Denver, Colorado, leading in the Medical Cannabis department for a start up CBD company. After the project ended, she opened up her own company called Sacred Root Inc., and took the knowledge she learned to have an integrity based built business serving the medical community with education, information and awareness about the miracle of a simple plant that can change so many lives. That is why it is so sacred to her.

Sacred Root aims to provide the purest and most potent extracts made available. Hemp is one of our planets most important natural resources and we advocate using it to its fullest potential. We also support hemp farmers and hemp commerce, the medical research and industry development and accelerated expansion of hemp world market supply and demand. Our unique process features the ability to separate and remove unwanted compounds while creating maximum potency level of phyto-cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids.

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