Jared Mirsky - Speaker at USA CBD Expo 2019

Neil Butterfield

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Company: Mineralife Nutraceuticals LLC

Position: President and Founder

Speaking Topic: Beyond the Bottle: The importance of cGMP manufacturing, product testing, and labeling within FDA standards for CBD products.

Skills: Manufacturing, Ingredient Sourcing, Entrepreneur, Product Formulation & Development

Neil Butterfield’s Biography

Neil is a unique blend of entrepreneur, innovator, expert manufacturer and natural health and wellness advocate. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Neil has dedicated the last 24 years to bringing HOPE to consumers through natural, holistic health.

Neil’s interest in the health and wellness industry began as an amateur body builder, quickly expanding to include personal training, weight loss consulting, and nutritional supplement counseling and sales to help people achieve their fitness goals.

In 2001, Neil visited the U.S. and was shocked at the amount of nutritionally deficient, chemically processed foods consumed by Americans every day. After meeting the owner of a natural health clinic in Louisiana, he witnessed how the clinic helped hundreds of people looking for solutions to chronic health conditions. From then on, he became passionate about helping people recover their health.

Neil went on to study Nutritional Therapy at Thames Valley University in London England and later extensively studied the importance of minerals to human health under Dr. Lawrence Wilson at Westbrook University.

In 2008, he created Mineralife Nutraceuticals LLC and began developing liquid ionic mineral supplements. In the quest for creating the highest quality nutritional supplements, he learned of a patented ingredient that greatly enhanced the absorption of nutrients and minerals. He brought the unique benefits of CHD-FA® to the U.S. and to formulate nutritional products with enhanced bioavailablity and increased nutrient absorption.

Now based in Colorado, Neil’s passion for fostering holistic health brought cannabinoids to the forefront of his awareness for improving mental and physical health. In 2018, Mineralife joined the hemp revolution incorporating over 10 years of dietary supplement manufacturing and custom formulation to the development of high-quality CBD products.

Today, Mineralife Nutraceuticals into a full service cGMP manufacturer offering custom dietary supplement and topical product manufacturing, white label and private label products, copackaging, and a retail product portfolio of liquid ionic mineral supplements, at-home mineral hair analysis test kits, immune enhancing capsules, and CBD based products available in 36 countries.

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