Natural Hemp Company Debuts Day One CBD Sparkling Water Beverage


Despite the passing of the Farm Bill last year, the Food and Drug Administration still considers cannabis to be a schedule 1 substance. While the authority has yet to decide to authorize the use of CBD in foods and beverages, Natural Hemp is launching a new CBD-infused sparkling water with their Day One brand.

  • The new Day One sparkling water will include CBD.

  • Lemon is the only flavor presently offered, but more options are to come.

Natural Hemp, a CBD product manufacturer in Los Angeles, is bringing a new product to market – CBD Sparkling Water, under the Day One Brand. This drink was originally unveiled to the public during the USA CBD Expo in Miami, which took place in early August, as a lemon-flavored sparkling water. In every serving, there is 20 milligrams of hemp extract.

Chris Clifford, the CEO of Natural Hemp, stated,

“Day One is a perfectly balanced sparkling water that is infused with 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, with a splash of lemon fruit juice. We only use all-natural ingredients, and our waters have zero calories, zero carbs and no added sweeteners. Day One is an extremely dynamic beverage that you can enjoy anytime, whether you are living your best life or recovering from it.”

By offering CBD in a beverage, the company believes that consumers will be able to absorb CBD with greater ease. Optimally, Natural Hemp is aiming to put Day One into mass retail stores and convenience stores. While there is presently just the lemon-flavored water, the company hopes to launch additional flavors over the next few months, promoting it with a media and marketing campaign.

Clifford believes that the launch of all of these new CBD products has a lot to do with the recent passing of the Farm Bill last year, making it possible to purchase products with hemp-based CBD. However, the Food and Drug Administration has yet to authorize CBD to be included in foods, beverages, and supplements.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Natural Hemp from having high aspirations, as Clifford has even commented that he holds the product will ultimately become the “Gatorade of CBD beverages.” With no calories, no sugar, and no carbohydrates, the drink can just be enjoyed for the flavor and the therapeutic effect.

Last week, New Age Beverages chose to delay the launch of their own CBD-infused drinks, due to the lack of clarity on the FDA’s ruling on the substance. Other brands have decided to boldly launch their products though, including Sweet Reason, Recess, and Weller.

Clifford believes that the FDA has been migrating towards the approval of CBD, adding that the public commend period was “overwhelmingly positive, including those from consumers and larger industry groups.” The new sparkling water products will be distributed in 12-fluid ounce cans, and ultimately will include lemon, grapefruit, mango, lime, and watermelon flavors.


Written By Phyllis Milka, from Times Of CBD