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Seth Hyman

Weston, Florida

Company: Hempagenix, LLC

Position: President & CEO

Speaking Topic: CBD & Pediatric Epilepsy - A Father's Story

Skills: Product Creation/Brand Development/Marketing

Seth Hyman’s Biography

Seth Hyman spent the last three decades as a serial entrepreneur building his own sales and marketing companies. Seth’s understanding and support of the campaign to legalize medical marijuana and hemp is rooted in his personal experiences. Seth has been researching alternative treatment options for many years due to the nature of his daughter Rebecca’s illness. Rebecca, who suffers from a severe genetic disorder called 1p36 Deletion Syndrome which causes multiple seizures on a daily basis that contribute to developmental delay, physical impairment and other severe medical conditions. Laboratory research and countless anecdotal reports indicate that of her suffering could be relieved by administering a high cannabidiol (CBD), low Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) oil extract from specific strains of hemp and marijuana. Because of this finding, Seth became dedicated to learning more about the benefits of hemp and cannabis not only his daughter, but also for those patients who may benefit from the medicine.

Seth has gained an in depth of understanding of the many extraction processes to produce the medicinal oil and developed relationships with cultivators who currently grow these specific strains. He has also met with parents all over the country who are already administering this medicine to their children and understands the complicated nature of dosing oil to children as well as adults. The overall chemistry of the final product directly relates to the success of this type of therapy. Each patient is different and may require medicinal extracts with varied CBD to THC cannabinoid profiles.

Over the past years, Seth has become one of the most visible faces in Florida’s burgeoning medical cannabis industry. He has been instrumental in lobbying for the Florida legislation to help his daughter and others thwart seizures and comfort those with epilepsy. Seth was a key figure throughout the lawmaking process for both House Bill 843 and Senate Bill 1030 in the 2014 Florida legislative session. He worked closely with legislators by providing input on the drafting of language for both bills and delivered powerful testimonies to the governmental committees. Seth has advocated for the state’s Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act in legislative and other public forums and retains deep relationships with key decisions makers in federal and state government.

Seth has worked closely with many Florida non-profit organizations lending his voice and expertise in helping families with children who have special needs. He also worked closely with the Broward County Sheriff's Office in developing an emergency response program called "BECCA" named after his daughter Rebecca. The BECCA program was created to save the lives of children with medical needs by providing EMT's with accurate information and details when responding to a medical crisis. Helping others understand the complexities of public policy decision-making, has become a hallmark of Seth’s expertise. Seth has significant experience navigating complex legislation and regulatory demands unique to legal cannabis operations. Seth draws on his firsthand experience with the medical marijuana laws in Florida, assisting in developing strategy, researching medical marijuana issues, and building and maintaining relationships with key players in the growing medical marijuana industry. Seth and his family have been featured on numerous television programs, in national print media, and has appeared on the covers of the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel. Seth was appointed to and currently serves on the Broward County Medical Marijuana Advisory board working closely with county and state officials.

His efforts for the development of effective marijuana policy, regulation, and industry overall are enhanced by his multifaceted business knowledge. Prior to establishing Hempagenix, Seth was involved daily in the medical marijuana space working with the leaders of the law firm Kelley Kronenberg. He also served for 10 years as President and CEO of a sales and marketing company focused on healthcare benefits. Seth’s extensive experience in the medical marijuana and hemp industries, including practical use, personal passion, and lobbying regulatory agencies, enables him to use his business building and powerful communication skills be the strong business leader that he is.


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