• Bish Enterprises - Hemp Harvest Works

    Founder - COO


  • Andrew Bish is the Founder of Hemp Harvest Works & COO of Bish Enterprises, both of Giltner, NE. Bish Enterprises, founded in 1976, is a harvesting equipment manufacturer, design, engineering, and research firm, known most notably for its combine header adapters which have been used worldwide. Hemp Harvest works is a machinery sales business focused on bringing a complete line of equipment & ancillary solutions to both hemp producers and/or processors. Prior to Andrew’s re-entry into agriculture & rejoining the family business in 2012, Andrew worked for 14 years in corporate retail management with RadioShack Corporation. Since 2015, Andrew has been focused on identifying and resolving the many issues currently facing hemp harvesting and processing, while continuing to develop solutions for the other commodities he works with as well. In addition to the day to day business’ Andrew operates, Andrew also serves as a member of the board of directors for the Hemp Industries Association, serves as President of the Nebraska chapter of the Hemp Industries Association, and Technical Committee member of the US Hemp Authority.

    Speaking topic: FARMING PANEL: Thank You for Farming: It Starts With a Seed