Chief Communication Officer


  • Brandé Elise is a well-known Voiceover Artist, Host and Life Influencer in the Atlanta area. As a social media influencer, she takes pride in introducing and facilitating new experiences with her peers and followers. Brandé Elise believes she is simply a combination of every person she has met. You can normally catch her walking her dogs in nature with UNOIA CBD Honey or Agave in hand. About UNOIA When you are free from mental and physical blockages, you can enter a state of beautiful thinking, also known as UNOIA (u-noy-uh). UNOIA is a CBD infused honey and agave company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We use lab tested 0.0% THC-Free Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil (CBD) in our products. Our co-founder, Brande Elise (@brande.elise) is a voiceover artist and needed to consider the health of her voice as she engaged in cannabis. After considering how much tea she drank everyday, she had the brilliant idea to make CBD & THC honey. The agave started as a vegan option and quickly became a favorite as many people like using them in their cold drinks like smoothies and margaritas. She later partnered with co-founder, Danielle Gray (@daniellegraymba) a known marketing and brand guru to make it come to life. Once this dream team came together, the rest was history.

    Speaking topic: Women In Cannabis: Leading Us Forward