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  • Information about myself: While walking on side of road after flat tire, I was struck by an unknow vehicle left severely injured and unconscious in roadway. I was then hit by a 1994 Ford F-150, both passenger tires going over my lower back. Driver of second vehicle was traveling approximately 40 mph when vehicle struck me. I was flown to Prince Georges Shock Trauma Cheverly, MD facility where I was stabilized, bandaged and prepared for helicopter transfer to the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, MD. I was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). In the following 15 days I had 27 surgical procedures performed while in a chemically induced coma. Spent an additional 3 weeks in ICU, followed by 5 weeks rehabilitative care at University Specialty Hospital in Baltimore, MD. Injuries include but not limited to: Broken back Crushed and shattered pelvis Separated left shoulder (Acromioclavicular joint separation) Bi-lateral Scapular fracture (shoulder blades)actured Acromion (bone in shoulder) Fractured clavicle (collarbone) Separated both knees 9 ligaments severed Broken Sternum/breastbone (sternal fracture) 6 Broken ribs Severe internal injuries Pancreas laceration (32% removal) Punctured lung Collapsed lung Lacerated liver Lacerated both kidneys Bruised and enlarged heart Major Dates throughout recovery process: 7/6/2010 – Released from hospital 9/1/2010—Right knee reconstruction (autograft ACL, allograft LCL, PTL, PFL, full Postereolateral corner reconstruction, lateral and medial meniscus repair) 2/9/2011—Left shoulder stabilization procedure/calcium removal 2/22/2012—Left knee reconstruction (allograft, ACL, PCL, LCL, PTL, PFL, full Postereolateral corner reconstruction, Lateral and Medial meniscus repair) While going through the long process of waking up from a chemically induced coma, I became aware of the metal cage sticking out of my pelvis. Due to the complexity of my pelvic trauma; a pelvic external fixator was drilled into the pelvic bone(s), resulting in 9 weeks of ‘non weight bearing’ status. Therefore, I was unable to be on my feet in any way for those 9 weeks while also recovering from a 4 vertebrae spinal fusion. While unconscious, my family was told to prepare for intensive rehabilitation where I would undergo a 12-18-month recovery to be spent at an extended rehabilitation facility. After 10 weeks of intensive hospitalization, I convinced head physician I was ready for release. Over 40 surgical procedures since accident. Intimate awareness and understanding of the various obstacles to recovery from any procedure regardless of severity. Other than a seasonal limp where I favor my right knee, my injuries and symptoms are not noticeable. Nor is it evident that I am presently managing physical issues resulting from an accident almost 9 years ago, thanks Cannabis! Throughout my recovery cannabis has played a monumental role in assisting my recovery efforts. From the time I regained consciousness; I suffered from abdominal pain that could not be controlled by oral or IV pharmaceuticals, however the consumption of cannabis facilitated immediate relief. My first stop after release was the only pharmacy that carried the litany of prescriptions, I had been prescribed by discharging physician. Of those; the pain killers were: Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Hydromorphone, Baclofen, Gabapentin and Ibuprofen. Within 5 months of cannabis my dependence on opiates was gone. I have been forced to manage multiple types of pain and extreme discomfort; this has led to the formulation of a variety of cannabis preparations as effective therapy in lieu of pharmaceutical relief. The replacement of pharmaceuticals has remained a top priority throughout my ongoing recovery. Consequently, I taught myself how to cultivate cannabis for specific symptom relief. While I had previous recreational cannabis cultivation experience; I now looked to the cultivation of medical cannabis as a means of symptom relief and coping mechanism, while not relying on pharmaceuticals. Symptoms ranged from intense joint and muscle pain, lack of appetite, severe abdominal pain, inability to consume adequate food for recovery, nerve pain and the emotional pain associated with severe physical trauma. Successful cultivation of a diverse range of cultivars and genetic profiles allowed for specific symptom relief when profiles were paired with a suitable delivery method. Interestingly, I found that, at different stages of recovery, cannabis preparations had varying effects. Cannabinoid and terpene profiles are not “one size fits all” how I react to a certain profile is not always indicative of how another person will react or find beneficial. We are all unique in our physical and emotional makeup, thus toleration of a profile will vary between patients. T.O.B. Apothecary – Personally developed product line 2015 - Present Developed formulas and managed sales for products such as: Moisturizing Salve (various essential oil profiles) CBD salves (Isolate and full spectrum) Exfoliating scrubs CBD Oil (Isolate and full spectrum) Actively preform hemp extraction and create new formulas Provide educational material to our local community Website undergoing construction Perform extractions on plants such as but not limited to; Industrial Hemp, Medical Cannabis, Vanilla, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Lavender, various Mint species and many other trichome bearing plants. Having developed our own product line, I felt that having our products tested is extremely important, for both the consumer as well as T.O.B. Apothecary. Therefore, I have working knowledge and experience relating to various aspects of laboratory testing. Participated in a local botany themed gallery opening where we used microscopes to give an up close and detailed portrayal of trichome bearing plants. During T.O.B. Apothecary’s presentation, I performed a dry ice extraction of trichome bearing plants such as Lavender, Apple Mint and Oregano and explained the extraction process to the gallery guests. Understanding COA’s and how that information can be applied by the end user to better understand product therefore allowing the end user to make an informed buying decision. In 2018 as president of RileySolutions I traveled to Massachusetts transporting (8) new product formulations for as laboratory samples for various analytical tests to be performed, subsequently returned to obtain analytical testing results upon completion. All this being done prior to the 2018 Farm Bill, when there was no cannabis testing services available for private use.

    Speaking topic: How to read and understand COA's