• The Dope Nurse

    Head Copywriter


  • I'm known as 'The Dope Nurse' or in writing circles as 'that nurse who writes'. . Modern-day cannabis and CBD brands need a counter-culture copywriter who knows what they’re doing. Someone who’s more than just knowledgeable about DEA, FDA, and other 3-letter agency laws and limitations. Someone who’s more than just a good writer. Someone who’s more than just a holistic remedy fanatic. Yes, you need someone who can write compelling copy that gets results. Your customer is more savvy and skeptical than ever. Typical marketing strategies that worked in the past don't work for our industry. And you probably know what it’s like to be disappointed with a marketing project that fails...and likely costs a ton of dough. I’m a proven counter-culture industry copywriter who can help you achieve your goals, whether it’s more leads, more sales, more repeat customers, or more brand awareness. . I write irresistibly dope copy that creates a smoke sesh of customer love.

    Speaking topic: How To Make Your Brand Irresistible: and decimate the competition in the process