• Empower BodyCare

    Founder & CEO


  • Trista Okel, Founder & CEO Empower BodyCare launched in 2013. As an “aromatic alchemist” with more than 15 years of formulating experience, Okel uses scientific data, guiding principles, and her keen sense of smell to create the company’s award-winning topical products. Her dedication to transparency and integrity, high testing standards, and using the highest quality ingredients, which are organic and sustainably sourced whenever possible, have helped to make Empower BodyCare the most trusted topical brand in Oregon and increasingly, on a national level. The EMPOWER acronym: End Marijuana Prohibition, Organize Women, Enact Reform, is ingrained in what the company stands for and drives its calling to educate and encourage women to support federal regulation of cannabis. When asked why she believes in the healing power of plants, Trista’s answer is simple: “Plants and humans have symbiotic relationships. In harnessing these synergies in our products, we have an opportunity to affect change regularly. I’ve had the joy of watching people get relief from my products for 15 years.” And that, without a doubt, is her favorite part of her job. “In addition to growing the company, meeting people who use the products and hearing about their experiences is very rewarding,” says Okel. She has dedicated the last 15 years to perfecting Empower formulations, growing the company to empower people across the US and beyond, and advocating for plant-based wellness.

    Speaking topic: Women In Cannabis: Leading Us Forward