• Colombiana de Cannabis SAS

    CEO / Owner


  • Im Viviana Giraldo 36Yrs OLD, Born and Raised in Medellin with Wayuu Indian Tribe ancestry from Colombia; Psychologist with 8yrs experienced as Master Grower, Creator and Owner of COLOMBIANA DE CANNABIS, an Agroindustrial company of cultivation, harvest, and transformation of Non-Psychoactive Cannabis, dedicated to the cultivation of Cannabis HEMP with high content of CBD, CBG and others. Our Focus is the Cultivation, extraction and commercialization of oil, hurds and fibers for medical and industrial applications; we are committed to the Agroindustrial process, the product quality, the protection of the environment and the proper use of natural resources, we are seeking to meet the expectations of customers through quality management models and also we want to generate social commitment. Our main objective is to build a Cannabis Export Oil Refining Plant that meets quality criteria and international parameters, in order to achieve positioning of our brand and products in the industry at a global level and taking advantage of the Legalization Framework that our country has dabbled in with the approval of the bill number 80 of 2014. Law that allows opening the opportunity of a new market, which would be framed in the sector Agroindustrial, aimed at safeguarding life, human health and environment, within the framework of the current health policy. by the Ministry of Justice and the law we got the Approval of the License for the cultivation of NON psychoactive cannabis in a total area of 85 hectares (210 acres).

    Speaking topic: The Story Behind Colombiana de Cannabis and the Vision of the Future