Event Speakers List

We are partnering with CBD & Hemp industry professionals to organize a number of educational seminars, keynotes and workshops. Most of these seminars will focus on the business side of the CBD and hemp industry, current and future CBD market trends, health benefits, legality and medicinal use.

* Speaker Registeration is Now Closed *



Natalia Radziuk
Master of Ceremonies
On-Air Radio Personality | Producer
Co-Host of JP Morning Show w/ Naughty Natalia 
WZFL | Revolution 93.5fm
Owner: Sacred Root Inc.


Jared Mirsky

CEO: Wick & Mortar
Writer for High Times, Forbes

Dr. Jenny P. Wilkins

CEO: AgeVital Pharmacy
Entrepreneur, Author, TV Personality

Rahul Easwar - Speaker - USA CBD Expo 2019

Rahul Easwar

COO: LeafyQuick
IT, Marketing, Customer Acquisition

Khadijah Adams

Vice President: C.E Hutton
Co-Author of The Minority Report

Steve Danyluk, LtCol (ret.)

Founder: Warfighter Hemp
Business Leader & Military Veteran 🇺🇸

Jessica Arent

COO: Hailey’s Hemp Co.
Specializing in Seed-To-Sale Operations

David Postolski

Partner: Gearhart Law
Intellectual Property Expert & Business Leader

Rod Kight - Speaker at USA CBD Expo 2019 - Hemp Conference

Alexey Peshkovsky

President: Industrial Sonomechanics, LLC
Research & Development

Robert Di Marco

CEO: Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Lab
Manufacturing, Sourcing, Education

Maruchy Lachance

COO: Boulder Botanical & Bioscience Lab
Manufacturing, Sourcing, Education, etc.

Dan Anglin

CEO: CannAmerica Brands Corp.
Policy, Marketing, Licensing, M&A

Loren Weisman

Strategist: Create Wealth Communities
Branding Strategy, Discovery and Planning

Tim Phillips

Managing Director: CBD-Intel
Legal, Research, Market, Data

Pelin Thorogood

Wholistic Research and Education Foundation
Research, Education, Advocacy

Shelby Isaacson

Director of Operations: Second and Seed
Public Relations & Marketing

Simi Ranajee PhD, MBA - Speaker - USA CBD Expo 2019

Simi Ranajee PhD, MBA

CEO & Founder: IMISCO
Specializes in Public Health

Ryan Shore - Speaker - USA CBD Expo 2019

Ryan Shore

CEO: Big Sky Scientific
Farming, Processing, Wholesale, Buying

Rich Wilens

Author: You, Me and CBD: Living pain free
Marketing, B&M, Sales Training

Steve Waldman

International Diamond Dealer
Research, Legal, Financial Market Access

Travis Chrisman

President: Coastal Pay
Sales, Marketing, Growth

Christine Klahn

CEO: The Happy Chemists
Chemistry, Engineering, Research, MFG

Jose Belen

President & Founder: Mission Zero Actual
Cannabis Law, PTSD, Veterans

Chelsea Landow - Speaker - USA CBD Expo 2019

Chelsea Landow

Ageless Envy LLC
Business Leader, Grower, Entrepreneur

Kevin Puloski - Speaker - USA CBD Expo 2019

Kevin Puloski

CEO: Qualis / Northern Roots Cannabis Inc
Expanding Business Globally

Alex Seleznov

CFO: Advanced Extraction, LLC
Accounting, Finance, Cannabis Industries

Giovanni Yarabek Ph.D.

Retail Marketing Expert : Retail Dove
Marketing Expert, Author, Entrepreneur

Andrew Bish - Speaker - USA CBD Expo 2019

Andrew Bish

CEO: Hemp Harvest Works
Hemp Equipment Manufacturing

Ron Romano - Speaker - USA CBD Expo 2019

Ron Romano

President: IMS Corp.
Consulting and Marketing Agency

Shayda Torabi - Speaker - USA CBD Expo 2019

Shayda Torabi

Marketing, Branding, Social media Expert


Marty Hale

Founder & CEO: CannaGlobe
Executive Management, Marketing


Miles Gilman

Company: SunHealth Therapeutics


Mia Shark

CEO: XKaliber
Marketing, Compliance, Payment Processing


Mike Lewis

Co-Founder and Director of Agriculture:
Third Wave Farms


Daniel Ager

Co-Founder: Cannaverse Solutions
All aspects of the Cannabis Industry


Jeff Greene

President: Jeff Greene & Associates


Seth Hyman

President & CEO: Hempagenix, LLC
Product Creation/Brand Development


Christopher Shade, PhD

Founder & CEO: Quicksilver Scientific
PhD in Biochemistry


Monica Shepard

Co-Founder & CEO: TrympHemp, Inc.
Technology Solution


Rick Martinez

CEO: Green Seed Cannabis Co.
Cannabis Startups, Business Incubators


Dr. Christina K. Oliva, DNP, ARNP-C

Owner: Your CBD Store
Leader and Mentor | Medical Provider


William Patrick Murphy

CEO: Kannt SAS
Marketing and Business Development


Fernando Fandiño-Sende

CEO/Doctor: LifeCann


Gregory Dicum

Vice President: Cultivating Wellness


Rabbi Yehuda Goldman

CEO: EarthKosher
Kosher, Vegan, Paleo & non-GMO certification


Antonin Cohen

CEO: Harmony
Hemp, Compliance, Growth, Terpenes


George Hou

CEO: Myco Sativa, LLC
Marketing, packaging, cGMP


Donal R. Schmidt, Jr.

President: Rxoid Health Solutions, LLC
Attorney, CPA, Entrepreneur


B. Le Grand

CEO: Infused Group, Inc. / Edibles Mag.
Manufacturing, Distribution, Marketing


Wright Penniman

Chief Medical Officer: CannaGlobe


Julie Lerner

CEO and Founder: PanXchange
Physical Commodity Trading


Dr. Joseph Escobar

CEO: Pharmamerica, LLC
Hemp Farming in Colombia South America