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Steve Waldman

Located in Antwerp, Belgium

Company: Wholesale Diamond Dealer

Position: International Diamond Dealer & Curated Diamond Hedge Fund Compliance Staff

Speaking Topic: Transform existing physical cash into a financial asset that can be fully deposited into any financial institution worldwide to gain access to traditional banking relationships and corresponding banking benefits that other types of businesses routinely enjoy.

Skills: Research, Legal, Financial Market Access

Steve’s Biography

Since the late 1990’s, Steve has had the privilege to speak to a vast multitude of differing industry stakeholders – from international financiers, cryptocurrency providers, global indigenous precious commodity mining concerns, health care providers and business scions regarding groundbreaking multi-disciplinary platforms to foster their specific business enterprises.  Steve is please to continue to share tangible transformative strategies to legal cannabis:  dispensaries, retailers, wholesalers and producers regarding the discriminatory issues they face with respect to the cash that their business endeavors generate, their lack of access to traditional banking relationships and being barred from corresponding banking benefits that other types of ventures routinely enjoy.

Throughout all of Steve’s international business experience, whether it be interactions with Russian Oligarchs, International Bankers or Global Indigenous Precious Commodity Miners, Steve is grounded by his business philosophy’s demand for constant improvement and innovation, because:  Present Day Success Is Not A Permanent Condition – One Must Have The Focus And Vision To Look Beyond The Edge Of Your Desk To Develop And Implement Transformative Strategic Solutions. 

Favorite Quote: “Success Is Not A Permanent Condition”

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