Jared Mirsky - Speaker at USA CBD Expo 2019

Tim Phillips

Located in Spain

Company: CBD-Intel

Position: Managing Director

Speaking Topic: CBD Market Growth in Europe

Skills: Legal, Research, Market, Data

Tim’s Biography

Tim Phillips is managing director of CBD-Intel, a business intelligence service providing professional, independent market analysis and regulatory tracking for the growing cannabidiol sectors in Europe and Internationally. He is also managing director of a sister publication, ECigIntelligence, which is a leading source of independent data for the e-cigarette and vaping sector globally, providing unbiased information to numerous leading international companies together with government regulators such as the FDA and the UK government.

He is a U.K.-qualified attorney, having worked at the European Commission, Herbert Smith, BSkyB, AOL Europe, and as director of public affairs at Betfair as it went through its £1.5bn IPO in 2010. He was also a partner in a New York venture capital-funded startup in the diamond sector. Phillips qualified as a lawyer at the College of Law, London, and holds an MA in Geology from Oxford University.

About CBD-Intel

CBD-Intel provides premium market and regulatory analysis, legal tracking, and quantitative data for the cannabidiol (CBD) sector, with a focus on non-US markets.

We provide our clients with the tools to navigate this fast-moving sector, tailor their business strategy, optimise resources and make informed decisions.

Providing all the data in one online platform reduces the amount of time and money spent monitoring the sector for multiple international markets. Our global perspective on the international CBD sector offers you key data such as market trends, key players, regulatory obligations and industry dynamics. You will also have access to:

  • Competitor intelligence, pricing, distribution and detailed market data

  • Industry updates and news analysis including our expert insights

  • Legal and regulatory analysis included in our in-depth reports

  • Regular updates delivered directly to your inbox to make sure you don’t miss any important changes in the industry.

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